Non-Teaching Positions




Student wellbeing and support are one of the top priorities at Hwa Chong Institution (College). As a School Counsellor, you will work with staff, students, parents, external professionals and/or community agencies to provide quality school counselling support for students’ well-being, and social-emotional development. We are seeking a trained and qualified Counsellor who has passion for providing caring and professional counselling to our students of diverse backgrounds.

Your key roles and responsibilities include:

  • Providing consultation as well as planning and conducting training for staff and parents on pertinent mental health issues and skills for first-line intervention and support
  • Developing and/or making available mental health resources for students, parents and staff 
  • Providing direct crisis intervention and follow-up to students affected by critical incidents
  • Networking with relevant external professionals and community agencies
  • Developing and conducting psycho-educational sessions for students on mental health issues and healthy coping strategies
  • Providing individual and/or group counselling to students
  • Conference with staff, parents and external professionals / agencies on students being counselled, and conduct home visits where necessary
  • Looking into the referral of students and their families to community resources or external professionals where needed
  • Maintaining case consultation records and proper documentation
  • Providing regular updates to school management on progress of students being seen for counselling

Job Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Should possess a university degree in psychology and a Masters in Counselling
  • Qualification in Special Needs will be advantageous
  • At least one year of relevant experience in the education sector preferred
  • Experience with young adults preferred
  • Experience in psychological critical incident management is preferred
  • Experience in planning and managing mental health-related programmes will be advantageous
  • Preferably a member of Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC)
  • Possess professional values that are in line with the Code of Ethics of SAC
  • Competent in case management and critical incident management
  • Independent yet a good team player with good interpersonal skills preferred

Key Personal Qualities:

  • Emotionally mature and stable
  • Empathic and warm




Responsible for the development and maintenance of IT applications and databases. He or she will be involved in the following duties:

  • Researching, designing, implementing and managing IT applications
  • Testing and evaluating new IT applications
  • Identifying areas for modification in existing IT applications and subsequently developing these modifications
  • Writing and implementing efficient code
  • Determining operational practicality
  • Deploying software tools, processes and metrics
  • Maintaining and upgrading existing IT applications
  • Training users
  • Working closely with other developers, UX designers, business analysts

Job Qualifications and Requirements:

  • A relevant diploma or degree and a minimum of 3 years’ experience as a software developer. 
  • Competent with programming in Classic ASP/ASP.NET Web Forms/ASP.NET MVC and/or equivalent languages (e.g. Java, Python, C, C#, C++, Ruby, Javascript, PHP). Competent in implementing, administering and maintaining various databases (MS SQL Server, MySQL), including database design and usage (SQL programming and queries, tables, stored procedures, views).
  • He or she should also possess the following attributes:
  1. An analytical mind
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Knowledge and interest in computer systems and the latest technologies
  4. Interest to learn and experiment with new technologies


Position: Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) Executive


  1. to report to the SALT Centre Management Office on the functions and operations of the Student Activity & Leadership Training (SALT) Centre.
  2. to oversee the daily operation of SALT Centre Gyms.
  3. to supervise the SALT centre operations office's staff on their roles and duties.
  4. to plan, coordinate, implement, monitor, and review the programmes and activities, and functions of the SALT Centre.
  5. to oversee the administration and daily routine functions of the SALT Centre.
  6. to oversee and coordinate the finance and accounting systems of the SALT centre.
  7. to ensure safety and security measures are in place.
  8. to coordinate the maintenance works of the SALT Centre.
  9. to take charge of the properties and equipment of the SALT Centre
  10. to assist in the preparations of the event and perform any other duties as assigned by the supervisor.


  1. Assist in the implementation of Safe Management Measures at the College Section.
  2. Oversee the booking of the Gyms Rooms and Monitor the usage.
  3. Conduct Fitness Conditioning programmes and activities for students.
  4. Assist Teacher-in-charge of CCAs in organising co-curricular activities for students.


  1. Diploma holder, preferably in Sports Science and Management
  2. Experience in sports, outdoor activity and/or event planning would be an advantage
  3. Excellent organisation and communication skills
  4. Travelling overseas is required
  5. A team player who is also able to work independently
  6. Able to work on some nights, weekends and Public Holidays


Position: Assistant Audio Visual Technician 

Job Descriptions:

  • To provide assistance to teachers in the use of AVA equipment for their teaching 
  • To provide AVA technical support in the daily operation, running of school events/activities and event coordination (e.g. sound & light mixer operation, setting up of venue)
  • To assist in asset management
  • To handle, repair and maintain AVA equipment and facilities under AVA
  • To provide basic audio/video production and photography for the teachers
  • To liaise with vendors on repair and maintenance, project installation.


  • Minimum National ITE Certificate holders in relevant fields e.g. NITEC in digital audio & video production, Electrical Technology (lighting & sound) 
  • No prior experience needed but relevant working experience(s) will be an advantage.
  • Team player and willing to work with Secondary and Junior College students


If you thrive on working in a dynamic and innovative environment, please submit your detailed CV, supporting documents and expected remuneration to

The Recruitment Officer
Hwa Chong Institution
661 Bukit Timah Road S 269734


Only short-listed candidates will be notified