Science Research Centre

The Science Research Centre is a vibrant hub for exchange of scientific ideas and opinions as well as an incubator for innovations and discoveries. With dedicated researchers and scientists on hand to help our outstanding students in their research projects, this unique facility supports our research and innovative culture. 


The main features of the Centre are: 


1. Ten Science Research Laboratories for specialised research projects and experiments. 


2. The Theatrette, which can accommodate 84 persons, serves as a venue for exchange of ideas and intellectual discourse between expert speakers, teachers and students. 


3. Field Station & Special Culture rooms specially designed for the incubation of living organisms used in the Life Science and Biotechnology projects. 


4. Student-centered Project rooms and Work Resource rooms for active interaction between students as well as their teacher and external expert mentors. A multitude of teaching and learning resources and aids will be made available to stimulate innovative thinking and creativity. 


5. Supporting facilities include preparations rooms for technicians, storage space for chemicals and equipment as well as a computer network system. These are located in strategic areas at the Centre and will provide the necessary support for research activities.