Integrated Programme

The strength of Hwa Chong’s IP is in our ability to combine scholastic excellence with an outstanding range of opportunities beyond the classroom. Every Hwa Chong student receives a rigorous curriculum that emphasises leadership, character building, academic excellence, and creativity. 

The Hwa Chong Integrated Programme (IP) is designed by our own teachers who have years of experience teaching high ability students. Preliminary consultative work on our IP was done with help from a 34-member International Advisory Panel comprising 2 Nobel Laureates, distinguished professors from Harvard, Princeton and Cambridge as well as eminent industry captains.

Importantly, the school aims to provide a caring environment that is intellectually stimulating, secure, and joyful.

The seamless and broad-based 6-year IP is organised into 3 stages:

  • At Stage 1, students are exposed to a general curriculum that allows them to explore various fields of studies.
  • At Stage 2, students embark on a sustained and in-depth study of their chosen area of specialisation. The curriculum for the Sciences and Humanities will be broad-based at this point.
  • At Stage 3, students consolidate their knowledge and sit for the Cambridge GCE Advanced-Level Examinations. They are expected to be actively involved in outreach programmes and can initiate major research projects which could form the basis of their undergraduate studies.


Annually, there are over 200 different student-initiated service learning projects school-wide. Selected projects receive financial support from the Citibank Youth for Causes Fund and Campus ChangeMakers by NYC. These include promoting an appreciation of Chinese culture at the Singapore History Museum, conducting web design courses for underprivileged children at community centres, organising rainbow camps for the Salvation Army and creating online learning programmes for primary school students.

In addition, all Hwa Chong students are involved in different Community Involvement Projects conducted by their respective consortia and faculties throughout the year. They include painting one-room flats, fund-raising through collecting old newspapers, tutoring pupils from needy families as well as interacting with the dementia elderly and the intellectually disabled.

Hwa Chong Holistic Development Model

Our Holistic Development Model – which underpins education at Hwa Chong – reflects the best of East and West.  It places emphasis on the Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Aesthetic domains.

With our seamless 6-year IP, we have adopted for our Affective Programme an integrated cross-disciplinary approach driven by students' creativity, self-direction, and leadership.

Specifically, the Holistic Development Model has 2 aspects (see diagram):

(1) Years 1-4 aim to build students’ CHARACTER by developing them holistically.  During these formative years, we also want to inculcate in them a love for the nation and a zest for life.

(2) The apex reflects our mission to develop leaders in research, industry and government.  What it shows here is our quotient-centric approach (IQ, EQ, CQ, MQ, and AQ) towards character development and leadership training.

Simply put, the school grooms exceptionally talented young men and women.  Through their sheer genius, leadership, and enterprise, they will provide sustenance to the nation by generating opportunities for others. This, ultimately, will be our contribution to Singapore.


The Hwa Chong school-based Gifted Education programme, hosted by the iSpark Consortium, emphasises the student’s total development, which spans the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic realms. A varied curriculum and enrichment programme has been designed in accordance with a constructivitist and investigative approach.

In-class enrichment and curriculum differentiation, including interdisciplinary studies, leadership development and individualised research projects, are key features of this programme.

The iSpark Consortium also hosts talent development programmes within the Centre for Scholastic Excellence, so that each student is academically stretched to his fullest potential. In addition he receives an equally enriching and meaningful character education which encourages him to work with the community through the global community outreach and the service-learning initiative.

Subjects Offered

English Language/General

The goal of the English Language Programme at HCI is to develop independent thinkers who can see the connection between language study and its application to life. A holistic educational approach ensures that students are given the freedom to intellectually grasp these relationships and apply them to authentic tasks. The core modules cover all the key components of language and literary skills that students must master to function effectively in the social dimension spelled out in the school mission. In addition, there are special non-compulsory electives to challenge the more able students. Where the core elements embody the rigour and breadth of the skills, knowledge and concepts that students need to know, the electives are intended to offer students the opportunity to go in-depth into specific areas of the English Language and Literature curricula.

Adopting a multi-pronged approach, the Hwa Chong General Paper curriculum comprises a broad variety of stimulating modules designed to develop all-round individuals.  A theme-based reading and writing programme offered at the College level, the topics covered include the mass media, environment, science and technology, culture and tradition, religion, crime and punishment and citizenship in Singapore.

Knowledge & Inquiry (KI) is a multi-disciplinary H2 A-Level subject that explores the different fields of knowledge and applies various modes of inquiry to a range of issues and ideas.  The subject aims to develop students' ability to critically evaluate arguments and engage in independent research.  Students can offer KI as a contrasting subject.  As the 4th H2 subject, KI will be offered by students who are academically able to cope with 4 H2 subjects on top of other H1 subjects.  KI is also taken in lieu of General Paper.  In Hwa Chong, we are looking for bright students who are linguistically competent and have an inquiring mind.  KI students are expected to read widely and they must be highly proficient in written English as well as independent learners.

Chinese Language



The Hwa Chong Mathematics Department sees the subject as an excellent means for the development of an individual's intellectual ability in logical reasoning, spatial visualisation, and abstract thought. It is our belief that a strong foundation in Mathematics is crucial to the development of not only a highly skilled but scientifically- and technologically- competent workforce that can meet the challenges of the 21st century. From Years 1 to 4, we focus on developing students’ critical and creative skills and their ability to communicate and reason mathematically, through the use of an inquiry based approach with ICT infusion. We also foster a conducive environment that provides students with opportunities to use Mathematics in solving real-world problems and doing in-depth research in projects. In moving learning beyond the classroom, we hope to instill in students the spirit of continual and inquiry learning and an appreciation of the beauty and value of mathematics.


The Hwa Chong Integrated Programme for Science is implemented across 6 years.  Our integrated framework provides a dynamic learning environment for students with an aptitude and interest in Mathematics and Science.  Special emphasis is placed on the mastery of fundamental knowledge and experimental skills.  Our plan is to further integrate the Mathematics and Science disciplines to foster an appreciation of how they work together and form a whole.

In a tripartite collaboration with A*STAR and NTU, Hwa Chong also offers research electives based on the H3 module to encourage new and independent modes of learning and exploration.  Each JC student is matched with a mentor depending on interest, and engages in collaborative research with leading scientists and researchers working on real-world scientific problems.

The aim of our Science programme is to broaden students' interests in Science by providing a stimulating environment that will enrich their basic Science training.  Besides exposure to major advances in the life sciences and new technologies, students will be trained to think critically and independently.

Infocomm Studies

HCI Infocomm studies aim to broaden and deepen students understanding of knowledge in the area of information technology. It provides an opportunity for deeper understanding of specific area of knowledge and skills. The 2 years curriculum will allowed students to specialise in their area of interest.

The Secondary 1 curriculum aims to provide a broad based education that lays the foundation for the second year of specialization. Each module is compulsory and it will be taught over a term.

The curriculum will give students the exposure to programming, web publishing and multimedia design.

The Secondary 2 curriculum allows students to choose an area of knowledge to specialize. In each of the modules, students are given 3 terms to explore deeper and expand their knowledge in the either advanced problem solving in C++, web-publishing with CSS, client-side & server-side scripting, mobile application development/ Robotics or programming in Python.

During the curriculum, students will be tested on their knowledge and skills acquired through learning tasks, class test, projects and assignments.

Physical Education

The PE & CCA Department aims to prepare our young adults for the challenges ahead by cultivating lifelong recreational involvement, aesthetic appreciation, civics mindedness and leadership qualities in our students through the PE and CCA programs.

Our programs serve to:

  • Enhance students' learning process and performance
  • Strive for excellent performances at the National Inter-Schools Sports Championships, Singapore Youth Festival Presentations, as well as other CCA awards and competitions
  • Promote healthy lifestyle among students via the Sports For All Program
  • Inculcate the Olympic values of Friendship, Respect, and Excellence in all students


CCAs or Co-Curricular Activities are also an integral part of every student’s life in Hwa Chong. We offer a wide range of CCAs over four main categories: Sports & Games, Performing Arts, Clubs & Societies and Uniformed Groups.
Various CCA activities aim to provide avenues for students to discover their interest and develop their talent. In time, we hope that the skills and lessons learnt will encourage all Hwa Chong students to lead a balanced and purposeful life, anchoring in our 自强不息,饮水思源values.


As the world becomes increasingly more interconnected with rapid socio-economic, technological and political changes, the study of the Humanities equips our students with an understanding of our heritage, skills and values they need to become leaders of tomorrow.

The teaching and learning of the Humanities feature a wide variety of learning experiences designed to spark curiosity and the spirit of inquiry - where students demonstrate their ability to identify present and future challenges and to seek appropriate innovative solutions with a sense of respect, empathy and understanding.

Students have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in real-world learning by applying academic skills in their investigations, fieldwork and participation in local and overseas Model United Nations conferences.

Literature in English

With our seamless 6-year Integrated Programme, the Literature course in Hwa Chong covers 3 major phases: the Sec 1 & 2 Exploration phase; Sec 3 & 4 Development phase, and the JC1 & 2 Consolidation phase.  In each phase, students are exposed to a wide variety of texts, genre exposition, and diverse methodologies.

Adopting a differentiated approach to learning that goes beyond the classroom, the course provides students with opportunities to experience Literature through activities like symposiums, debates, mock conferences, field studies, project work, independent study and drama.  Such activities not only expand students' horizons, but also help them look at issues from a broader perspective, apply knowledge, and contest the arbitrary divisions that separate subjects.

Sabbatical Programme

A unique feature of the Hwa Chong Integrated Programme, Hwa Chong Sabbatical Programme allows students from Sec. 1 to Sec. 4 to go on sabbatical courses for one week, from Term 1 to Term 2. The school organizes Sabbaticals with the aim of creating space for students to develop passion for what they do. During Sabbaticals, formal lessons are replaced by enrichment programmes.

There are various areas of programmes for students to select from each term, namely, Arts & Aesthetics, Chinese Studies, Humanities, English & Literature, Leadership, Technology, Science and Math, Camps and Student Exchange. All students are engaged in activities outside the classroom during term time to further broaden their educational experience. This allows them to explore their diverse interests and have fun all at once.

Students will bid for their sabbatical courses every term, using the i-ComP.

Information for Secondary 1 students (updated Dec 2020)


Please report to Hwa Chong at 7am on 4 January 2021 for Secondary One Orientation.
For those travelling by public transport, please enter by Gate 2 or Gate 3, along Bt Timah Road.

The nearest MRT stations are Tan Kah Kee (DTL-blue) and Botanic Gardens (CCL-yellow).

The following bus services ply Bt Timah Road and Dunearn Road: 66, 67, 74, 151, 154, 156, 157, 170, 174, 852, 961.

For parents who are driving, please enter by Gate 3, along Bt Timah Road, for drop off at Kong Chian Admin Centre and Clock Tower, or by Gate 4, along Namly Ave, for drop off at the multi-storey Car Park and Block C

At the end of Orientation each day, student councillors will accompany Secondary 1 students to the bus stops, MRT station, as well as the various pick up points for parents. Parents who are driving should enter by Gate 4, along Namly Ave.