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We are very proud of HCI’s Class of 2018 for their excellent performance at the GCE A-Levels

22 Feb 2019
Academic General

The Class of 2018 has achieved excellent results once again. Their exceptional showing at this year’s A-levels is a celebration of a centenary of holistic excellence.

This cohort has put forth a strong showing, with a comparable performance to the last two cohorts. Sustaining the strong performance of their seniors, 6 out of 10 scored 3 H2 Distinctions and above.

13 subjects recorded improvements. The following subjects posted significant increases in distinctions: H1 General Paper; H1 Physics; H1 Literature in English; H2 Mathematics; H2 Chemistry and Physics; H2 Chinese Language and Literature; H2 Knowledge and Inquiry; H2 Further Mathematics; H2 China Studies in Chinese; and H2 English Language and Linguistics.

Both H2 Chinese Language and Literature and H2 Further Mathematics have posted record performances in distinction rates.

Besides their sterling academic results, the Class of 2018 has also excelled holistically:

  • More than 600 students have been conferred the Hwa Chong Diploma;
  • They have continued Hwa Chong's tradition of excellence with 54 World Championship Titles (2006-2019) and;
  • They also took home 55 Top 3 titles at the Interschool Sports Championships in 2018. The Hwa Chong Cross Country team also swept all titles across the 4 divisions, emerging as champions in the A division boys’ and girls’ team categories as well as the B and C Division boys.

To date, 5 Hwa Chong students have been offered provisional Public Service Commission Scholarships. One student has also been offered the provisional Singapore Police Force Scholarship, the only female in the history of the nation to date.

Even before the release of the GCE A-Level results, 13 students have been admitted to Peking and Tsinghua Universities for bicultural excellence.

This year, 42 Hwa Chong students have received offers to Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

Over 500 offers have also been made to Hwa Chong students from US and UK universities such as Yale University, Brown University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Michigan, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, and University College London.

Ang Shermaine (Nanyang Girls’ High School)

  • CCA Council President
  • Canoeing Vice-Captain
  • Best Academic Performance Award in JC1 Arts
  • China Studies Special Topics Presentation Competition (Bronze Award)
  • 6 Distinctions
  • Provisional SPF Scholarship
  • Conditional Offer To Read History At  University of Oxford, SOAS, University College London, Durham University, and Warwick University

Arissa Rashid (Nanyang Girls’ High School)

  • Track & Field – Vice-Captain
  • Nat’l Interschools A-Div T&F Champs (2017 Indi 800m; 2018 Indi 1500m – 1st Placings)
  • 2017 ASEAN Schools Games Representative
  • Captain – NYGH T&F Team
  • 6 Distinctions
  • Conditional Offer To Read Architecture At University of Sheffield

Chen Jiamin (Nanyang Girls’ High School)

  • O-Levels Prime Minister Book Prize Awardee
  • Business China Youth Showdown (Achieved 2nd Placing)
  • Contributed to Chinese Orchestra’s SYF Arts Presentation (Cert. of Dist.)
  • Editor-in-Chief of Huayun and CLEP Publication
  • 6 Distinctions
  • Hopes to Read International Relations Or Economics At Fudan University

Cheng Wan Li (Hwa Chong Institution – Ortus Consortium)

  • MOE Bicultural Studies Programme Symposium (Gold Award and Best Paper)
  • China Studies Special Topics Presentation Competition (Silver Award)
  • Chairperson of BSP Committee
  • Student Director of Huang Cheng
  • 6 Distinctions
  • Hopes To Read Liberal Arts At Peking University

Chia Jia-En (Singapore Chinese Girls’ School)

  • Project Director, Students’ National Education Council
  • I/C of International Friendship Month commemoration and Our Hwa Chong Conversations
  • Projects Coordinator, Social and Relations Committee, Students’ Council
  • Student Presenter at SG Perspectives Ministerial Dialogue
  • 6 Distinctions
  • Hopes to Read Global Studies At Yale-NUS

Dylan Wee Yang-Yi (Hwa Chong Institution - Ortus Consortium)

  • High School Council President
  • Athena Faculty Committee Head
  • Athena Founders’ Day Faculty CIP 2018 – Silver Homes (Organizing Team Member)
  • EAGLES Award (Leadership)
  • 6 Distinctions
  • Hopes To Read Mechanical Engineering At Stanford University

Eiw Tse Gao Flanders (Hwa Chong Institution Ortus Consortium)

  • Vice-President of Science Students’ Research Council
  • Co-Chairperson of ISYF 2018
  • Singapore Chemistry Olympiad (Gold Award)
  • Subject Prize Awardee in JC 1 (H2 Physics)
  • SAF Young Leader Award
  • 8 Distinctions
  • Hopes to Read Chemistry At Nanyang Technological University

Gui Ming Jiang (Hwa Chong Institution - iSpark Consortium)

  • President of Students’ Council
  • Silver Award (National Olympiad in Informatics)
  • 2nd Placing at Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp
  • SAF Young Leader Award
  • Ong Teng Cheong Outstanding Leadership Award
  • 7 Distinctions
  • Hopes To Read Electrical Engineering  Or Computer Science At Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lim Jun Kai, Jordan (Hwa Chong Institution - Aphelion Consortium)

  • Welfare Coordinator, Welfare Committee, Students’ Council
  • PAYM Service-Learning Champion (SLC) Project Accolade (S.T.A.R. Award)
  • Org Team Member of Hwa Chong Invitational Philosophy Olympiad
  • Singapore Model Parliament (Best Delegate – Honourable Mention)
  • 8 Distinctions
  • Hopes To Read Economics and Political Science At Warwick University

Loke Tze Hng (Hwa Chong Institution - iSpark Consortium)

  • Green Council President
  • Best Academic Performance Awardee (JC1 – Science)
  • NUS Chem E Challenge (Achieved 2nd Placing)
  • Singapore Police Force Book Prize Awardee
  • 8 Distinctions
  • Hopes to Read Computer Science/Information Science At university

Neo Xuan Ling (Nanyang Girls’ High School)

  • Music & Dance Society (Chinese Dance) President
  • PAYM Service-Learning Champion (SLC) Project Accolade (Bronze Award (Team)
  • China Studies Special Topics Presentation Competition (Silver Award)
  • 6 Distinctions
  • Provisional PSC (Foreign Service) Scholarship
  • Hopes To Read International Relations At Peking University

Ning Xinran (Nanyang Girls’ High School)

  • President of the Nanyang Students’ Council
  • Welfare I/C of the Girls’ Football Team
  • Contributed to Team 2nd at the Interschools A-Div Football Championships
  • Team 1st at the SMU Youth Innovation Challenge
  • SPF Book Prize 2018
  • 6 Distinctions
  • Hopes To Read International Relations At Georgetown University

Ong Jie Min (Singapore Chinese Girls’ School)

  • General Secretary of Students’ Council
  • Organizing Team Member of HC-Asia Pacific Young Leaders Summit
  • Organizing Team Member of College Open House
  • Grassroots Attachment Programme Participant
  • EAGLES Award (Leadership)
  • 6 Distinctions
  • Conditional Offer to read Biomedical Sciences At University College London

Ooi Ren An (Hwa Chong Institution - iSpark Consortium)

  • President of Science Students’ Research Council
  • Student Co-Chairperson of ISYF
  • Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (Silver Award)
  • Org Comm Team Member of Project Enliven
  • 7 Distinctions
  • Provisional PSC (Engineering) Scholarship
  • Conditional offer to read Engineering at Cambridge University

Yang Chun Wei (Hwa Chong Institution - ProEd Consortium)

  • IT Director, Publications and Publicity Committee, Students’ Council
  • Member of Singapore National Youth Orchestra
  • Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest (International Champion – Team) and (Best Task Tackler Award)
  • 2nd Placing at Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp
  • 6 Distinctions
  • Provisional PSC (Engineering) Scholarship
  • Hopes to read Computer Science at Harvard University

Yip Hui Bing, Priscilla (Yishun Town Secondary School)

  • CIP Council President
  • Team Leader of Merry Marathon 2017 (SL Project)
  • Award Recipient (Academic) at the 2017 International Young Leaders Forum
  • EAGLES Award 2018 (Leadership)
  • Provisional PSC Scholarship
  • 7 Distinctions
  • Conditional Offer To Read Mathematics At University College London and University of Warwick

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