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Unwavering Dedication Towards A Social Cause

24 Nov 2016

Co-organised by Hwa Chong students, Project Edelstein (The Gemstone Project) is an inter-school Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes project supporting the Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP). Edelstein is the German word for gemstone; an apt metaphor for bone marrows as they are likewise, rare and precious. The team aims to provide some glimmer of hope for patients requiring bone marrow transplants by raising funds for BMDP, addressing misconceptions regarding bone marrow donation, and recruiting donors for Singapore's bone marrow donor registry.

Through a whole range of activities, Project Edelstein raised more than $67 000, reached out to more than 800 000 people and recruited 462 donors for the Bone Marrow Donor Programme. It mobilized more than 1200 volunteers from more than 20 different schools through initiatives like busking, street sales and street publicity, ‘Camp Lumineux’ and social media publicity campaigns.

‘Concert Matchstick’, one of the project's largest events organized by the team featured popular celebrities such as Charlie Lim, Daphne Khoo and Joie Tan with various student performers at the 1700-seater Kallang Theatre. Member of Parliament Mr Amrin Amin, who himself is a registered bone marrow donor, also graced the event as the Guest-of-Honour with BMDP's CEO Ms Jane Prior. Beyond raising funds, the event also recruited 90 bone marrow donors who signed up onsite. In addition, the flashmob ( at LotOne and the donor drive held in HCI (College) aimed to raise awareness and recruit donors for BMDP.

Mentored by Mr Vincent Tan Chin Leong (Teacher Counsellor, Lecturer/Chemistry), and Mr Koh P-Chong Noel (Education Consultant/Student Development), the team comprises Lui Kai Siang (16S66) [Co-Chairperson], Tai Jing Heng Kelvin (16S7F) [Co-Chairperson], Koh Heer Ee (16S7B) [Deputy Chairperson], and Lim Jing Wei Nicholas (16S7F) [Deputy Chairperson].  Our heartiest congratulations to the team which won the following three awards for their project:

YFC Distinction Award: This award is given to the most outstanding teams in recognition of their efforts and impact made on their various beneficiaries.

YFC Best Volunteer Mobilization Award: Out of 100 Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes teams, this award is given to the project with the most effective large-scale volunteer management system, and who mobilized the most number of volunteers.

YFC Best Public Outreach Award: Out of 100 Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes teams, this award is given to the project with the most effective and extensive public outreach. Through innovative means, the team managed to raise awareness for its beneficiary.

Lui Kai Siang (16S66) shared that:
          "The journey this year has been really tiring but extremely fulfilling. I think it has been very rewarding in the sense that, while advocating for a social cause I personally found meaningful, there were many things I learned along the way, from our experiences, from my peers and from the people we interacted with. I would really like to thank all those who made this possible - the school for its support, our mentors for their guidance, and, really, the very wonderful team behind the project, especially our very dedicated Committee Directors and Core Organising Team members. Without each and every one of them, the experience would have been very different."

The team of four is part of a team of 20 Core Organising Team members from different schools who have come together to jointly organize the project (please see photograph).

Front Row (from left to right): Markus Leo (16S6Q), Kenneth Tan Zhe Kai (4O1), Jonas Gng Rui Sheng (4O3), Chua Shitong Charmaine (NYGH 403), Stephanie Tan Xin Yi (NYGH 412), Chua Jia Xuan Tiffany (16S75)

Middle Row (from left to right): Kwan Hui Xuan (RI 17S06K), Koh Heer Ee (16S7B), Tai Jing Heng Kelvin (16S7F), Lim Jing Wei Nicholas (16S7F), Kenneth Wu Rong Jie (4O2), Song Tianyi (16S69)

Back Row (from left to right): Louis Chew Yue Pin (16S7J), Leonard Zhang Lei Yao (16S6J), Thung You Xuan (16A14), Woo Seung Hoon (16S7D), Yin Kai Sheng Ashton (4H1), Joel Wong Hong Kiat (4O2), Lui Kai Siang (16S66)

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