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Track and Field’s Impressive Showing at the National Stadium

18 Apr 2018
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Written by: Nathanael Chia 18A15
Edited by: Hazel Angela Law

Captains from all four divisions pose with Mr Pang Choon How, Principal of Hwa Chong Institution.

Hwa Chong’s Track and Field team has once again achieved stellar results at the National Inter-Schools Track and Field Championships 2018. Having reclaimed their titles in the previous year, both teams in the ‘A’ Division defended their titles with score tallies of over 250 points. The ‘C’ Division Boys maintained their golden streak as champions for the 18th consecutive year, while the ‘B’ Division Boys achieved a remarkable 2nd place position after fighting neck-and-neck against fierce competition.

This year’s competition season was particularly significant because of the resilience displayed by our athletes- where almost every member of the team suffered from an injury but persevered to achieve victory. Jasmin Phua (18S70) was ill with stomach flu till the morning of her event but powered through using sheer willpower to throw her personal best and set a national Under 20 Record of 45.80m in the ‘A’ Division Girls’ Discus event. When asked to sum up the team’s journey, ‘A’ Division Girls Captain Evian Chua (17S73) replied, “Phenomenal, injuries, and more injuries.”

Both captains extend their gratitude to all the staff and Hwachongians who came down to the National Stadium to support the teams them. With the stadium’s floor literally reverberating with resounding cheers, the Hwa Chong spirit was out in full force to boost the morale of our competing athletes. ‘A’ Division Boys Captain Hong Wen Kai (17S6J) shares the importance of the crowd’s support for the athletes, saying, “You could have the worst day ever but you'll instantly feel like a superstar as you walk through that tunnel and into the stadium.” He further quips, “Your cheers make the pain in my ankle disappear!”

Looking forward, Mr. Lee Cheng Wei (Teacher-in-Charge, Track and Field (College)) hopes that the athletes can “continue to work hard and well with their coaches, and to continue their passion for athletics even after JC life.” Truly, it is the team’s never-ending resilience and passion that has secured its unceasing success. We wish the Track and Field team continued excellence in its future endeavours!

Amanda Woo (18S60) finishes second in the ‘A’ Division Girls’ 4 x 400m relay.

The Track and Field team and their supporters.

Photograph Credits: Pan Yanqi, Quince (17A15)

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