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Team Hwa Chong Proves Their Mettle At National Competitions

27 Jun 2017
General Sports

Our heartiest congratulations to all athletes and performing arts groups for their stellar achievements and who have displayed grit, resilience and sportsmanship during the competitions.

Our best wishes goes to all other Hwa Chongians who are still competing.

College/High School Sports Achievements 2017

    A Girls A Boys B Boys C Boys
1 10-Pin Bowling -      
2 Badminton 4th - - 4th
3 Badminton (West Zone)     1st 1st
4 Basketball 3rd   -  
5 Basketball (West Zone)     -  
6 Canoeing 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
7 Cross-country 1st 2nd 2nd 1st
8 Fencing 4th 1st 2nd 2nd
9 Floorball 4th -    
10 Football - -    
11 Golf - 4th - -
12 Gymnastics (Artistic)       1st
13 Gymnastics (Trampoline)     1st 1st
14 Judo 2nd 1st 2nd  
15 Netball 3rd      
16 Shooting (Air Rifle) - 2nd -  
17 Shooting (Air Pistol) - 2nd - -
18 Softball 4th 3rd -  
19 Squash - 2nd 4th  
20 Swimming - - - -
21 Table Tennis 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd
22 Table Tennis (West Zone)     1st 1st
23 Tennis 2nd 3rd - -
24 TKD 3rd 4th    
25 *Tchoukball 2nd 3rd    
26 *Touch Rugby 1st      
27 Track & Field 1st 1st 1st 1st
28 Volleyball 4th 2nd -  
29 Volleyball (West Zone)     3rd  
30 Waterpolo 3rd 2nd 4th  
31 Wushu 1st 4th 2nd 1st

International Representations and Achievements

18th Asian Junior Squash Team Championships, 1-5 February 2017, Hong Kong.

16S67 Regan Tan -

Asian Zonal 3.3 Chess Championships, 24 February – 6 March 2017, Tagaytay, Philippines.

17S6G Tin Jingyao -

Asian Sailing Federation – Youth Cup (Hong Kong), 9-20 February 2017, Hong Kong.

17S75 Tanya Koh Tingya Class X29er – 3rd

Asian Junior & Cadet Fencing Championships, 24 February – 5 March 2017, Korat, Bangkok, Thailand.

16S66 Lam Jing Siang -
17S6C Jorelle See Zhuo Rui -

World Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships, 24 March 2017 to 10 April 2017, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

17S6C Jorelle See Zhuo Rui -

12th South East Asian Youth Athletics Championships, 25-29 March 2017, City of Ilagan, Philippines.

17S66 Wang Tingjia Javelin - Silver
17S77 Ong Jun Long Ernest Triple Jump - Silver
HS Saciin Esan Maran Pole Vault - Silver

Kota Kinabalu City Day Karate Open Championships, 24-27 March 2017, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

17S75 Ng Xuan Female Individual Junior Kata - Gold
Female Individual Senior Kata - Gold
Mixed Team Kata 16 years old and above -Gold

60th Milo/PRAM Malaysia Invitational Under 15 & Open Water Polo Championships 2017

15S79 Ng Weiling Sonia -

ASEAN School Games, 21-29 July 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2O1 Lim Jun Xi Eden Team Gold
  Lee Yong Rui
  Javier Ho Wee Long
2O2 Pom Mann Tzer
  Ho Ting Le
  Dylan Chin Yong Xue
1O2 Tang Yee Heng
  Yap Dong Xuan, Ryan

Beautiful Terengganu International Judo Championships, 11-16 May 2017, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.

17S63 Tey Khng Hak Samuel -
17S72 Valerie Teo Fang Wei Bronze (52kg)
17S73 Zhou Yujie Bronze (60kg)

2nd Asian Youth Athletics Championships, 20-23 May 2017, Bangkok, Thailand.

17S63 Leong Wei Lun Alfred Discus
17S7D Sia Jun Wei Race Walk
17S6C Arissa Rashid 800m
17S66 Tania Nicolette Koh Shu Yi Triple Jump
HS Saciin Esan Maran Pole Vault
HS Yeo Zuo Sheng Race Walk
HS Kyler Ong Pole Vault

9th ASEAN Schools Games, 13-21 July 2017, Singapore.

17S66 Wang Tingjia Javelin
17S77 Ong Jun Long Ernest Triple Jump
17S7D Sia Jun Wei Race Walk
17S6C Arissa Rashid 800m
17S66 Tania Nicolette Koh Shu Yi Triple Jump
16S61 Yee Chun Wai Eric Discus
16S76 Ethan Cheong Pole Vault
17S73 Evian Chua Hui Min Javelin
16S6E Justyn Phoa Zairen Javelin
17S74 Wu Xinyao Racewalk
17A14 Fang Yiyang 2000m Steeplechase
16S71 Goh Yee Loon Tennis
17S68 Ling Chieh Shyan Clive Volleyball
16S6K Woo Zhiying Volleyball
16S66 Wong Chang Wei Volleyball
16S63 Ang Hui Lyn Volleyball
17S64 Chua Khai Shuen Volleyball

Cultural and Performing Arts SYF Achievements 2017

  CCA College High School
1 Arts & Crafts NA  
2 Chinese Dance Distinction NA
3 Chinese Drama NA NA
4 Chinese Orchestra Distinction Distinction
5 Concert Band Accomplishment Distinction
6 Harmonica Distinction NA
7 String Ensemble / Orchestra Accomplishment Distinction
8 Music & Dance Distinction NA
9 Choir Distinction Accomplishment
10 Guitar Distinction NA
11 English Drama NA Accomplishment

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