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Team Hwa Chong clinches 50 TOP 3 Titles and 15 Certs of Distinction at 2013 National Competitions

23 May 2013

Hwa Chong athletes have thus far bagged a total of 50 TOP 3 Titles at the 2013 Interschool Sports Championships. In their pursuit of sporting excellence, they have demonstrated humility in victory and commendable sportsmanship. The passion and resilience they have brought to the competition were recognised by teammates and opponents alike. Hwa Chong’s performance groups have also clinched 15 Certificates of Distinction at the 2013 Singapore Youth Festival. We congratulate our athletes, performance artists, as well as their coaches and teachers-in-charge for their excellent achievements.

A division Girls
6 National Champions: Basketball , Canoeing, Judo, Squash, Taekwondo, Tchoukball
9 1st runner-ups: Cross-country, Fencing, Gymnastics (Trampoline), Netball, Shooting (Air Rifle), Softball, Table Tennis, Track and Field, Waterpolo
2 2nd runner-ups: Tennis, Wushu

A division Boys
7 National Champions: Basketball, Canoeing, Fencing, Judo, Shooting (Air Rifle), Tchoukball, Track and Field
5 1st runner-ups: Cross-country, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Waterpolo
2 2nd runner-ups: Shooting (Air Pistol), Wushu

B division Boys
3 National Champions: Canoeing, Fencing, Gymnastics (Artistic)
3 1st runner-ups: Judo, Shooting (Air Pistol), Track and Field
3 2nd runner-ups: Golf, Squash, Wushu

C division Boys
3 National Champions: Fencing, Gymnastics (Trampoline), Track and Field
6 1st runner-ups: Canoeing, Cross-country, Judo, Shooting (Air Pistol), Shooting (Air Rifle) , Table Tennis
1 2nd runner-up: Waterpolo

Singapore Youth Festival (Junior College)
Distinction: Chinese Dance, Chinese Drama, Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Concert Band, Guitar Ensemble, Harmonica Ensemble, Music and Dance, and String Orchestra.

Singapore Youth Festival (Secondary School)
Distinction: Chinese Drama, Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Concert Band, English Drama and String Orchestra.

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