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Sports For All at Hwa Chong

27 Oct 2017

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) commemorated the 5th anniversary of the schoolwide ‘Table Tennis for All’ initiative on 27 October 2017 through the organization of the ‘Sports For All – Table Tennis Challenge’. As part of one of the biggest table tennis events hosted in the school, more than 1300 staff and students were part of this table tennis challenge, with concurrent competitions taking place over 40 tennis tables.

Held in the newly opened Indoor Sports Hall, an extension of the Holistic Education Centre (HEC), student representatives from the respective consortiums competed in the inter-consortium challenge. Staff members also pitted their table tennis skills against each other in this inter-consortium and faculty challenge.

This challenge also marked the first day of the Festival of Sports Health and Arts (FOSHA) festival – an annual key school event to promote sportsmanship and physical wellbeing.

Dr Hon Chiew Weng, Principal, Hwa Chong Institution “Sports plays an integral role in developing character, decision making skills as well as promoting physical and mental well-being. Particularly, table tennis can be played both recreationally and competitively, developing important skills of mental acuity, coordination and teamwork. These lay the foundation for the well-rounded individual while also providing a social platformfor our staff and students to bond.”

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