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Resourceful Hwa Chong Students’ Inventive Solutions to Problems

11 Nov 2019

Overall Top Performer for Future Problem Solving Program National Finals 2019

The Future Problem Solving Program (FPSP) aims to hone the abilities of youth to solve problems utilising critical and creative thinking. Each category of competition, namely Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPS), Scenario Writing (SW) and Community Problem Solving (CmPS) comprises 3 divisions, the Junior Division (Primary School) Middle Division (Secondary 1 to 3) and Senior Division (Secondary 4 to Junior College 2).

The theme for GIPS this year was ‘Coping with Stress’. Participants are given a fictional scenario and are tasked to identify challenges and solutions as well as to design an action plan, presented by way of a skit. Scenario Writing involves individuals writing topically relevant short stories which are set at least 20 years in the future. Finally, for CmPS, teams apply problem solving strategies to real-world concerns.

We would like to congratulate the follow teams and their teacher mentors for garnering the awards and for qualifying for the 2020 FPSP International Conference that will be held from 3 to 7 Jun 2020 at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA.

GIPs Senior Division 1st (and Senior Division Action Plan Presentation 2nd) (Mentored by Mr Siew Wenjie, Daniel (Senior Consultant/ Student Development))

GIPs Middle Division 1st (and Middle Division Action Plan Presentation 3rd) (Mentored by Mr Siew Wenjie, Daniel, (Senior Consultant/ Student Development))

SW Senior Division 3rd  (Mentored by Ms Phay Choong Siew Josephine (Lecturer/ English Language))
SW Middle Division 1st (Mentored by Ms Phay Choong Siew, Josephine (Lecturer/ English Language))
CmPs Senior Division 1st and 2nd (Mentored by Mrs Jean Ng-Ong Ee Chin (Lecturer/ English Language) and Mrs Anuradha Boyanapali (Education Consultant, Student Development) respectively)

In shorts, from left to right: Team GIPS MT18 - Tham Kit Young (3S3), Seamus Kelly Yi Xuan (3H1).  Not in picture: Lee Jun Yi (3H1), Lim Chern Howe Ryan (3S2), Chua Qin Han Zachary (3H1)
In long pants, from left to right: GIPS ST07 - Lu Jin Wei Ethan (4S2), Huang Junwei (4S2), Wee Junlong (4S2).  Not in picture: Sim Jing Heng (4S2).

From left to right: Mrs Jean Ng-Ong Ee Chin (Lecturer/ English Language), Matthew Koh Kai Cheng (4A3), Liao Xinyan (4S3), Ooi Wei Chern (4S2), Zeen Chia (4A3), Aloysius Chin Tze Lin (4P2,  not in picture), Mrs Poh Mun See (Principal, Raffles Girls’ School)

Ooi Wei Chern (4S2) summed up what the students have learnt:
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Our group embarked on this SL/CmPS journey with a simple goal in mind: to serve the community to the best of our ability. While it was tough overcoming the various challenges and setting aside time for our project, it was truly fulfilling to be able to forge close bonds with these special needs students, and we are glad to have been able to facilitate their learning through our programmes and effect a positive change in their lives".

Zhang Junjian (1P3)

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