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Remembering Hwa Chong (Formerly The Chinese High School) Alumnus Mr Jek Yeun Thong

08 Jun 2018

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) would like to express their deep condolences to the family of Mr Jek Yeun Thong, who was one of the Old Guard Ministers of Singapore.

Mr Jek was among the 10 leaders from the first-generation leaders of the People’s Action Party (PAP), who signed the Independence of Singapore Agreement back in 1965.   

Serving in Singapore’s first cabinet, Mr Jek’s life was one marked by dedication and commitment to the nation. A key member of the public service, he had helmed the ministerial portfolios of labour, culture, as well as science and technology. He also played a pivotal role in building trust with the Chinese-speaking unions and communities while upholding the ethos of a multi-racial Singapore. 

Amongst many of his far-reaching contributions in public service, Mr Jek had also served as the High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ambassador to Denmark. In 1990, he was conferred the Order of Nila Utama (Second Class) in recognition of his contributions to Singapore.

Mr Jek will be remembered for his critical role in the formation of modern, independent Singapore and his enduring legacy of service to the nation.

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