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Our Congratulations To The Awardees

03 Aug 2020

SAF Defence Scholarships

We would like to extend our congratulations to the 12 HCI students (please see below) who have recently been awarded the Defence Scholarships for their academic excellence and outstanding leadership qualities. The Scholarship Awards ceremony was held remotely instead of at its traditional Istana venue due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Of noteworthy mention are the 3 who have clinched the prestigious SAF Scholarship -Ang Zyn Yee (18S6E), Shawn Cheng Wei Xuan (18A14) and Tang Tai Ran (18A14).


Zyn Yee wishes to read Political Science at either Brown University or Yale University; Shawn wishes to read History at Peking University while Tai Ran wishes to read Political Science in the Dual BA Programme at Columbia University in New York.

Name and Class Name Of Scholarship
Ang Zyn Yee (18S6E) The SAF Scholarship
Shawn Cheng Wei Xuan (18A14) The SAF Scholarship
Tang Tai Ran (18A14) The SAF Scholarship
Ho Zi Ming (17S65) SAF Merit Scholarship
Loke Hsien Jie (15S69) SAF Merit Scholarship
Tok Chang Yu William (16S6B) SAF Merit Scholarship
Cheng Min Jing (18A14) Defence Merit Scholarship
Elizabeth Chia Si Yi (18A14) Defence Merit Scholarship
Wong Zi Ling (18A14) Defence Merit Scholarship
Tay Check King (16A14) Defence Merit Scholarship
Tan Caleb (18A15) Defence Merit Scholarship
Tsai Chin Howe (18S7J) Provisional SAF Merit Scholarship



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