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One Heart, One Hwa Chong

20 Jan 2020

Open House


Photograph Credits: Huang Wanlu (19S6A)
Written by Chen Nan (19A11)
The theme for this year’s College Open House is “One Heart” and indeed the entire College came together as one to welcome about 1500 parents and students to Hwa Chong. “One Heart” represents the warmth and the enthusiasm the Hwa Chong family has in welcoming all our prospective students. 

This year’s Open House saw a few new initiatives that were designed to give our prospective students a sense of the enriching student life Hwa Chong can offer. Students signed up for the Biology, Chemistry, Economics and General Paper sample lessons that offered them an insight into the various team-based and inquiry-based learning methodologies employed in Hwa Chong. More importantly, these sample lessons married fun and engaging real-world learning that piqued their interests in these subjects. We also invited our alumni and parents to share their Hwa Chong experiences in order to give our guests a more holistic overview of student life in Hwa Chong. Some of the topics discussed included active student-centric learning, leadership opportunities and the support Hwa Chong students receive by the Hwa Chong Parents Support Group.

The various student performances and the CCA exhibition booths at the Central Plaza also contributed to the vibrant and energetic atmosphere that enthralled the guests. Parents and students also had the opportunity to have their academic queries addressed at the Jing Xian Library where the academic booths were held. 

When asked what the most fulfilling aspect of this year’s open house was, chairperson Rae Lee Toh Hsuan Hui (19S6B) and Secretary-Treasurer for Ng Wei En (19S68) commented that: “Open House is an event that each and every student has been working hard for throughout the past few months, and we’re delighted to see everyone’s hard work come to fruition!”

This year’s College Open House is indeed one filled with much joie de vivre but it is also one where students know they will be warmly welcomed into the Hwa Chong family and one that allows us to beat as One Heart.

Sample General Paper lesson to pique students’ interest
Photograph Credits: Shawn Lim (19S61)

Academic queries answered at the Library
Photograph Credits: Yang Xinyue (19A10)

CCAs contributing to the lively atmosphere
Photograph Credits: Huang Wanlu (19S6A)

The Student Council who worked tirelessly behind the scenes
Photograph Credits: Ang Kai En (18S6E)

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