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Students Intrigued By The Complexity of Our Complex Brain

24 Apr 2019

260 students from 22 junior colleges and polytechnics took part in Nanyang Technological University’s third inter-school medical competition held on 20 April 2017. Organized by students from the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, the Anatomy Challenge entailed participating in an individual and team challenge where participants were quizzed on this year’s theme - Neuroantomy - the structure and organization of the nervous system.

Competitors were assessed by a four-member judging panel. The panel included LKCMedicine Head of Anatomy Assistant Prof Sreenivasulu Reddy Mogali, National Neuroscience Institution Department of Neurology Senior Consultant,  Associate Prof Umapathi Thirugnanam, National Neuroscience Institution Department of Neurology Senior Consultant and Chairman of the Chapter of Neurology, Academy of Medicine Associate Prof Nagendran Kandiah and Assistant Prof Rao.

The Hwa Chong team comprising Yau Chun En (19S7F), Kueh Ming Xuan (18S7F), Cheong Zi Yu (18S7J), and Lim Jay (19S74) won the top prize. In the spirit of ‘饮水思源’, They were mentored by a group of seniors, led by Mandy Foong from 15S7G, who returned to Hwa Chong to assist in the training of their juniors. The mentoring team included seniors Benjamin Tan Kye Jyn, Chai Yi Xuen and Abraham Sui from 15S7B, Ong Zhihao (15S6P), Teo Yao Hao (15S61), Jenny Chieng, Gu Shiyu and Lim Sioh Huang from 15S7G and Nicole-Ann Lim and Gwyneth Kong from 16S7D. They are all currently studying in Yong Loo Lin, School of Medicine. The senior and juniors spent meaningful time learning about the brain together and the bonding was strong.

On winning the top prize, team leader Zi Yu shared:
“It was a good learning experience for us joining the Anatomy Challenge. We are passionate about sciences, particularly medical sciences as we are interested in how the system works,” he added.

Another team member, Lim Jay said the competition has exposed him to more aspects of the brain.
“The brain is a mysterious part of our human body, and from today’s competition, I learnt more about the brain. I am more inspired to learn more about neuroanatomy”.

Yau Chun En remarked that :
"Preparing for the Anatomy challenge was an extremely novel experience.  As mentally taxing as it might be at times, the seniors' guidance, my friends' encouragement, coupled with the excitement of discovering new fascinating concepts in neuroanatomy really motivated me to work hard and enjoy myself!"

Yap Chun En (19S7F) and Yim Si Yue Tammy (18S7F) were also the top and second top scorer respectively in the individual challenge.

We would like to congratulate all student competitors as well as their teacher mentors Mrs Foo Lam-Woon Keat (Director/ Studies (College)), Mdm Irene Kng (Lecturer/Biology). This is the second time that HCI has won this challenge

Second Row From Left To Right: Ms Ong Lay Hua (Senior Consultant, Biology), Shan Yunhong (18S7D), Li Tanfei (18S7F), Koh Jin Hean (18S7F), Andre Lim Bu Yun (18S7G), Sin Wei Chuen (18S7J), Tai Kai Xuan (18S7G), Lim Yu Wen (18S7F), Vong Tin Kai Keith (18S7F)-Audience, Jenny Ma Junyi (18S7F)-Audience

First Row From Left To Right: Cheong Zi Yu (18S7J), Yau Chun En (19S7F),  Mrs Foo-Lam Woon Keat (Director/ Studies (College)), Lim Jay (19S74), Tammy Yim Si Yue (18S7F), Kueh Ming Xuan (18S7F), Dawn Lee Yi Xin (19S7F)-Audience

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