09 Jan 2018

Managing your transition to college well involves making a choice of subjects to take at GCE ‘A’ levels. Your choice lays the foundation for further studies and eventually leads you in the direction of an important long-term goal, your desired career.

A good decision should factor in your skills, abilities and aspiration. By adopting a considered approach, you will free up time and energy to focus on mastering the content and managing the increased rigor of the syllabus. This in turn, builds your confidence and generates positive momentum for the two years ahead. Your commitment to your choice is imperative.

Choosing your subjects is the first step but not a guarantee of success. Making an informed decision prepares you for a learning journey that is meaningful and one which you are more likely to enjoy, persevere and excel despite the increased rigor as you move up the academic ladder. This can then lead to you accomplishing your goals.

We have prepared resources to help you make an informed decision on subject combination. Please visit the following website (or QR code) hosted on the ECG portal for relevant information.

You will need to log in to your school Google account for access.

Through the website, we hope to guide you in this important first step of transition to college. You will need to give yourself ample time to read through and consider the information available in order to make this decision. Keeping to the timeline of the process will allow you to benefit most from this exercise.

Learning is a continuous process that challenges you to perform better each time. The demands of the GCE ‘A’ Level syllabus require diligence, a positive work ethic, perseverance and taking ownership of your own learning to succeed.

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