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10 Oct 2016

The EcoFriend Awards recognises the efforts and achievements of environmentally-proactive people in Singapore who have sacrificed their personal time and effort to protect, promote and enhance Singapore’s environment.

We extend our congratulations to Miss Oan Jia Xuan (15S7B), who was a recipient of the award on 20th September 2016.

In collaboration with HCI Boarding School, Jia Xuan, as President of the Green Council, initiated the ‘Pass-It-On’ initiative, where 200 books and 50 sets of uniforms that were collected were sold to the school population and the rest donated. As part of the air-conditioner policy, where all classes are required to turn off the air-conditioner for 4 hours of lessons per week, this helped reduce the use of the air-conditioner by 403 hours. Moreover, she led her team of Green Councillors in designing canteen stickers that reminded students not to waste food, and created monthly infographics to update students on environmental issues. During the school’s 2015 Cross Country Run, she rallied the Green Council members to collect more than 400 used paper cups and 100 plastic bottles for recycling. As chairman of the 2016 Primary School Green Camp where 180 students from various primary schools participated in the camp, it was an apt platform for them to learn how to initiate change in their homes and in school to benefit the environment.

Outside Hwa Chong, Jia Xuan is the team leader of project bECOme, a team comprising four students working on reducing plastic waste by targeting households in the Bukit Batok East neighbourhood. Together with Young NTUC, the team carried out the The Lunchbox Experiment with 25 working adults around the CBD area. Participants had to bring their own lunchboxes to buy their meals for 10 working days. The data and responses collected from the trial will be used to better comprehend how to encourage people to use lunchboxes instead of disposables when purchasing food.

On her win, Jia Xuan shared that:
          “Receiving this award motivates me to continue promoting environmentalism with even greater intensity and flair. I sincerely hope that many Singaporeans, especially youth like me, will become more conscious of their impact on the environment and be willing to change some of our habits. I am extremely thankful for the Teachers-In-Charge of Green Council and my fellow Green Council members for supporting me these 2 years to make winning this award possible.”

To learn more about Jia Xuan and the rest of the winners of the NEA EcoFriend Awards, please view the video on Clean and Green Singapore:

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