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Hwa Chong Institution‘s Virtual Open House

06 Jan 2021

Join us at our Virtual Open House here!

Welcome to Hwa Chong Institution‘s Virtual Open House! Our theme for this year is “Hearth”; something that exemplifies the vision of this event.

A hearth, as an object, is the area in front of a fireplace. In colder climates, families would often gather around the hearth, seeking a source of warmth to bond with each other, sharing stories and making memories.

Similarly, we hope to make each and every one of you feel part of our Hwa Chong family. But this year, instead of you coming to our home, we’re coming to yours.

The location? Everywhere, anywhere. Our home, to yours, right here here at:

Joins us “live” on 12 January 2021, from 11am to 3pm at our Webinar, Information Sessions on Talent Development Programmes and Virtual Classroom Experience.

Because extraordinary times call for extraordinary events. And this is no ordinary event. Hwa Chong Virtual Open House 2021. Hearth. Be part of our Hwa Chong family.

12 Jan 2021. #savethedate

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