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Igniting A Passion for Chemistry in Hwa Chong

30 Jul 2018

We would like to congratulate, Mr Teo Kay Liang Alan (Lecturer/Chemistry) who is one of the winners of the SAAS-STAS Award for Excellence in Science Teaching 2018 (Outstanding Science Teacher Award - OSTA). This Award recognizes teachers who are role models in the teaching and learning of Science.

The Outstanding Science Teacher Award (OSTA) is sponsored by the Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science (SAAS) and Science Teachers Association of Singapore (STAS).

Speaking fondly of his lessons, many of Mr Teo’s students shared how their school experiences were impacted by his patience and understanding of each student as an individual with their personal struggles and challenges. Lauding him as a “remarkable teacher” who “makes the extra effort to know every student”, Joel Soh from 17S66 also enthused that “the most endearing characteristic of Mr Teo is his passion to guide his students” and that he is the “most inspiring Chemistry Tutor that I have ever had”.

Musing on Mr Alan Teo’s impact on her life, Isabella Hee from 17S68 also pointed out that “it’s the small things that are really indicative of what someone is like” and that Mr Teo’s constant messages of encouragement beyond the classroom setting “reflect that he truly does think about us, as individuals and more than just students.”

Mr Teo received his Award on 27 July 2018 at the Science Centre. He shared that:

“I am deeply honoured by this recognition. To this end, I premise all I do on instilling in my students sound values as well as nurturing their talents to the fullest. With undiminished energy, passion and commitment, I will continue to enthuse and impress my students with the wonders of Science through the use of real world context and demonstration. To all my students, I thank them for leaving their mark on my life, and for allowing me to be a part of theirs. I would also like to thank the strong school support in developing me professionally over the last few years. I truly appreciate all the learning opportunities vested in me.”

Third from Left: Mr Alan Teo

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