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Hwachongians’ Impressive Defence in Sporting Endeavours

02 Apr 2018
General Sports

The Fencing teams participated in the National Inter-Schools Fencing Championships on 21 March 2018 at Kallang Stadium OCBC Arena. For the Team categories, the ‘A’ Division Boys and ‘C’ Division Boys emerged champions, while the ‘B’ Division Boys were conferred Runner -Up and ‘A’ Division Girls 2nd Runner-Up positions.

‘A’ Division Fencers

First row from left to right: Aw Wei Shan (18S75), Ho Yu Hui (17S79), Yeo Xiu Ying Natalie (17S6C), Yuki Goh (17S77), Ginnilee Ye Zi (17S7C), Jasmine Tan Shermin (17S78), Ni Yiming (17S6F), Maple Ee Fang Qi (17S65)
Second row from left to right: Brandon Lin Zhan Hong (17S63), Vivien Tan Ziyi (18S76), Rebecca Ong Jia Min (18S7F), Brandon Goh Zhuo Rui (18S7F), See Zhuo Rui Jorelle (17S6C), Leow Chen Yen (17S74), Daryl Ng Jing Jun (18S70), Kieren Lock Hoy-In (18A11), Goh Jessie (17S6B), Faith Tammy Wong Jiaen (17S7J)
Third row from left to right: Chen Xihao (17S6A), Tan Zi Yi (18S7D), Ong Jee Ken (18A13), Aaron Chua Kai Ming (17S74), Zeng Jingjie Jackie (17S6J), Lim An Guan (17S7J), Aw Jie Kai (17A11), Edward Sim Yi Jing (17S6D), Richard Bryan Teoh Chern-Yao (18S79)

C2 Fencers with teachers

First row from left to right: Jasmine Tan Shermin (17S78), Ho Yu Hui (17S79), Ms Lum Siew Chin, Mrs Violet Teo, Leow Chen Yen (17S74), Maple Ee Fang Qi (17S65)
Second row from left to right: Lim An Guan (17S7J), Ni Yiming (17S6F), Yeo Xiu Ying Natalie (17S6C), Brandon Lin Zhan Hong (17S63), Chen Xihao (17S6A), Goh Jessie (17S6B)
Third row from left to right: Yao Jiaxin (17S7J), See Zhuo Rui Jorelle (17S6C), Zeng Jingjie Jackie (17S6J), Aw Jie Kai (17A11), Ginnilee Ye Zi (17S7C), Edward Sim Yi Jing (17S6D), Aaron Chua Kai Ming (17S74)

Results (A Division)
Women's Épée:
Rebecca Ong Jia Min (18S7F): 2nd

Men's sabre:
See Zhuo Rui Jorelle 17S6C: 1st

Men's épée:
Daryl Ng Jing Jun (18S70): Joint 3rd
Brandon Goh Zhuo Rui (18S7F): Joint 3rd

Men's foil:
Kieren Lock Hoy-In (18A11): 2nd
Richard Bryan Teoh Chern-Yao (18S79): Joint 3rd

Boy's overall: 1st
Girls' overall: 3rd

Results (B Division)
Men's Foil:
Lim Tzien Yih Jonathan: Joint 3rd

Men's Sabre:
See Zhuo Yi Joey: Joint 3rd

Team: 2nd

Results (C Division)
Men's Foil:
Yong Caleb En Le: 1st
Lim Teng Jun: Joint 3rd
Lum Wei Young: Joint 3rd

Men's Sabre:
Hoh Zheng Kang Bryan: Joint 3rd

Men's Epee:
Lim Teng Jun: 1st
Yong Caleb En Le: 2nd

Team: 1st

The Gymnastics team participated in the National School Games Trampoline Championships 2018 on 21 March 2018. They clinched 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the individual event and 1st for the team event for the ‘C’ Division. Our ‘B’ division gymnasts came in 2nd for the team event.

The ‘C’ Division participants are as follows:
1) Alastair Shee (1P2) (1st in Individual)
2) Jayden Liew Jing Han (2P2) (2nd in Individual)
3) Ng Hong Xun (2O2) (3rd in Individual)
4) Or Zhi Heng, Bryan (1P2)
5) Sim En Hsien, Andrew (2i2)
6) Timothy Chia Chen (2i1)

The ‘B’ Division participants are as follows:
1) Ho Choong Ren (4i1)
2) Lim Hon Tee (4P2)
3) Clarence Soh Teak Ang (4P2)
4) Lee Ren Keat Seth (4A2)
5) Clarence Lau Jun Wei (4A3)
6) Isaac Leow (4A1)

Front Row, from left to right: Or Zhi Heng, Bryan (1P2), Ng Hong Xun (2O2), Clarence Lau Jun Wei (4A3), Clarence Soh Teak Ang (4P2), Jayden Liew Jinghan (2P2), Alastair Shee (1P3), Mr Wong Yongfa (Teacher-In-Charge)

Back Row, from left to right: Lee Ren Kiat Seth (4A2), Lim Hon Tee (4P2), Ho Choong Ren (4i1), Isaac Leow (4A1), Timothy Chia Chen (2i1), Sim En Hsien, Andrew, (2i2)

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