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Hwachongians Dazzle in Radio Drama Script Writing

01 Jul 2019

“Script It Right”, the Chinese Radio Drama Script Writing Competition was launched in January. This competition was organised by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning in collaboration with the Chinese radio station UFM100.3. It aims to promote the learning of Chinese Language in a fun and interactive way and to stimulate students’ interest and inspire them in the learning of Chinese. Open to students from secondary schools, junior Colleges and the polytechnics, the competition attracted a total of 644 contestants and received 274 entries from 42 of such schools.

Congratulations to Lee Zonglin, Tristan (19S6B) who clinched first prize, as well as Xu Ruoyun (19A12) Tek Kai Zhen and Katherine Li Ju (19S71) who attained second prize in the Outstanding Script category. They were mentored by Dr Tan Mei Leng (Senior Consultant/Corporate Services).

The audio production of their scripts were broadcast for the first time during the award ceremony held on 27 June 2019 at the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) News Centre Auditorium, graced by Ms Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Manpower.

Champion Lee Zonglin, Tristan (19S6B).


许若昀19A12    戴楷臻19S66    李桔19S71





广播剧 播出日期 播出时间




7月26日 6:40 / 15:40 / 16:40
7月27日 8:40 / 16:40 / 22:40
7月28日 9:40 / 13:40 / 23:40
7月29日 6:40 / 14:40 / 17:40
7月30日 7:40 / 15:40 / 18:40

广播剧 播出日期 播出时间




7月31日 6:40 / 13:40 / 20:40
8月1日 7:40 / 18:40 / 21:40
8月2日 8:40 / 14:40 / 19:40
8月3日 9:40 / 15:40 / 22:40
8月4日 6:40 / 13:40 / 16:40

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