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03 Sep 2020
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Artificial Intelligence Competition

We would like to congratulate the team comprising Kong Heyi (19S7D), Zhou Chengyang (19S6A) and Dinh Thao Vy (19S6A) for clinching the first prize at the 2nd International Artificial Intelligence Fair (IAIF) organized by the Global AI Academic Alliance and sponsored by SenseTime. After evaluation by 37 judges from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Facebook and other institutions and companies, 75 projects from 61 schools in 9 countries and regions were short-listed for the final round from the 1047 project registrations from 247 schools in 12 countries and regions around the world.

The team’s study entailed demonstrating the potential of a hybrid of deep learning and image processing approaches in automating clinical image analysis by creating an integrated tool for rapid interpretation of coronary health, assisting cardiologists in making real-time predictions and objective measurements.

Reflecting on his team’s achievement, Kong Heyi (19S7D) said that:

“I am really happy and delighted to receive the prize. To be honest, I even feel lucky. This is because we met so many supportive people along this journey of research, without whom we would never have the achievement. What contributed the most to help us along the journey is our mentor, Dr Liang Kaicheng of A*STAR's BLL Department, who has always been patient in guiding us through various difficulties. Our school mentor, Dr Lim Jit Ning, also provided us with numerous support during the competitions. Moreover, I feel lucky to meet my teammates, as we have had nice memories working and tackling issues as a team for more than one year.”

Zhou Chengyang (19S6A) shared that: 
"This has definitely been an eye-opening experience that allowed me to delve deeper into my passion, and I am absolutely delighted to see our hard work pay off in the end. I do want to express my sincerest gratitude towards our teacher in-charge, Dr Lim Jit Ning, for his help, as well as our external mentors Dr Liang Kaicheng and Dr Lee Hwee Kuan (from A*STAR Bioinformatics Institute) for their guidance."

Dinh Thao Vy (19S6A) remarked that:
"It's been an extremely fruitful project. I'd like to thank my teammates for their patience and optimism, as well as our mentor and our teachers at Hwa Chong for constantly supporting us throughout the process!"

From left to right: Kong Heyi (19S7D), Zhou Chengyang (19S6A) and Dinh Thao Vy (19S6A)

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