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Hwa Chongian Enhances the Learning of Chinese

22 May 2017



       “与声剧来”中文广播剧创作比赛是由推广华文学习委员与电台UFM 100.3联办,旨在鼓励年青学子发挥创意,激发他们对华文华语的兴趣。今年参赛的作品可谓百家争鸣,针对主办方设定的四大主题——记忆、青春、约定、希望,参赛者发挥高度的创作力,每个人通过剧本想要传达的意旨不同,使每份作品独具意义,各有特色。



We congratulate Dr Tan Mei Leng (Senior Consultant, Corporate Services, Mother Tongue/LEP) and Quek Yee Kiat (16S65) from the Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP) who was conferred First Prize for his entry “Preserving Our Memories” at the Script It Right-Radio Drama Writing Competition. The competition was jointly organised by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) and UFM 100.3, to promote and enhance the learning of Chinese language among Singaporean youths.

The impending demolition of Rochor Centre served as a backdrop in Yee Kiat’s work, as he reflected on the dichotomy between progress for the future and preservation of our national heritage and culture.

His work will be aired on UFM 100.3 at various timeslots from 24th to 28th May.

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