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Hwachong Educator’s Passion To Serve The Community

16 Jan 2020

Volunteer for the Singapore Police Force

Written by Lin Zongkai 3O1

Mr Tan Chee Wee in his no. 5 uniform, providing security at the 2019 Police Day dinner at the Istana

For many, volunteering is an ad hoc activity that entails no long-term commitment. However, for Mr Tan Chee Wee, Principal Consultant of Student Development at the High School, volunteering is a long term commitment with the Singapore Police Force (SPF)’s Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC) unit.

The impetus to “see the world outside” led Mr Tan to volunteer with the VSC since 2002. Being a volunteer is, in many ways a fulfilment of his teenage ambition of becoming a police officer; though he ultimately preferred a career in education.

Other than working with police officers attempting to resolve family disputes and driving police cars to accident sites, he also aids members of the public who approach the police for assistance; a task which is meaningful because it allows him to remain “in touch with the community.”

Although it has not always been easy to juggle his busy work schedule and volunteering duties, it is the “passion of doing something beyond just working” that energises him. Moreover, his training and experience as a VSC officer is useful when he participates in competitions with the National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) students that he is in charge of.

Mr Tan said that he would be pleased to see more Hwa Chongians volunteer, though he acknowledged that the “stress” of the curriculum imposes constraints on doing so.

When asked about what he is excited about in the upcoming year, Mr Tan elaborated on various police seminars and talks which will take place in Hwa Chong on topics such as personal safety and national security. He looks forward to the ongoing development of such programmes.

We certainly wish him the best in his career and his continual efforts as a VSC volunteer.

Mr Tan Chee Wee manning an outreach booth at Keat Hong Estate with his VSC (Community) counterparts

Mr Tan Chee Wee with HCI alumnus Lai Yuen Sheng, who was posted to Jurong West Neighbourhood Police Center for his national service

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