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Hwa Chong’s Track and Field Team’s Burning Determination

24 Feb 2016

One of Singapore’s most established sports teams, Hwa Chong’s Track and Field Team, has nurtured many athletes who have attained glory for both school and nation. Channel NewsAsia interviews the Team to find out more about the secret behind their success. For more details, please see here.

In April, catch the Hwa Chong Publications Society’s Panorama special on our distinguished Team. Here’s the article listing:

  1. Blazing Ahead – History of the Hwa Chong Track and Field Team
    We look at a brief history of our Track and Field team.
  1. The Evolving Track and Field Programme – An Athletic Journey across Two Generations
    The Ow Yeongs, home to some of the nation’s best Track and Field talents, reveal how the Hwa Chong Team has evolved over the decades.
  1. Striving to Bring the Nation Glory at the 28th SEA Games
  1. Continuing the Tradition of Excellence – An Interview with Professional Athlete and Teacher-Coach Mr. Lee Cheng Wei
    In these articles, we chat with current teachers, alumni and teacher-coach Mr. Lee Cheng Wei, all of whom represented Singapore at the 28th SEA Games.
  1. Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger)
    We look back at the Team's triumphant performance at the 56th National Track and Field Championships 2015.
  1. A Fulfilling Journey of Growth and Friendship – Reflections of the 2014/2015 'B' and 'C' Divisions Captain Randall Choo
    Randall (16S7G) shares about his personal experience as a Hwa Chong athlete.
  1. Snapshots of a Student Athlete's Daily Routine
    Ow Yeong Wei Bin (15S64) gives us a glimpse into the daily life of a student athlete.

As a preview of the Publication Society's special, Blazing Ahead can be found here.

Being an athlete in Hwa Chong is no easy feat, as it requires countless hours of hard work and pure grit. Our Track and Field athletes truly embody the spirit of excellence, pursuing their passion with a burning sense of determination.

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