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Hwa Chong’s Stellar Performance at the Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp

12 Jun 2017

In June 2017, two teams from the Hwa Chong Infocomm & Robotics Society (HCIRS) achieved excellent results at the 5th Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp, which was held at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. The HCIRS went beyond defending their 1st-place win from last year, with the two teams clinching the top two awards in the Junior College Category with a sizeable margin.

Team Eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious, which comprised Li Bailin (16S6J), Ding Ruida (16S6G), Won Ying Keat (16S67) and Zhang Chenxin (17S73), was crowned champions in the Junior College category. Team 7H3 K3K 15 4 L13, which comprised Eleanor Loh (16S7C), Lee Ian Ee (17S6A), Tan Wei Seng (17S6F) and Liew Zhao Wei (17S6A), was awarded 1st Runners-Up in the same Category.

The journey was not entirely smooth-sailing; Bailin, HCIRS’ President and leader of Team Eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious, noted that while they had a rough start, originally falling behind many teams, the spirit of 自强不息 spurred them on to climb back to the top of the scoreboard and continue their winning record.

HCIRS also celebrated the achievement of two of its alumni; Ho Jie Feng (15S7D) and Ragul Balaji (15S7D), members of Team T0X1C V4P0UR, which attained 1st place in the University Category.

Organised by the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and supported by MINDEF, the Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp aims to raise awareness of the importance of cyber security. The achievements of both past and present members of the HCIRS at this year’s Camp are a testament to the hard work that they have invested in honing their skills in this critical field. As Eleanor, HCIRS’ Vice-President and leader of Team 7H3 K3K 15 4 L13, aptly put it, “understanding the importance of cybersecurity has given us the opportunity to apply our diverse skills to improve the security of both Singapore’s and our own digital pursuits.”

The HCIRS would like to thank the organizers of the event for giving them the opportunity to participate, and the school management and teacher-in-charge Mr. Loh Tze Wei for their support and guidance.

Hwa Chong’s Cyber Defenders
1st row: (from left) Li Bailin (16S6J), Ragul Balaji (15S7D), Ho Jie Feng (15S7D)
2nd row: (from left) Tan Wei Seng (17S6F), Eleanor Loh (16S7C), Zhang Chenxin (17S73), Ding Ruida (16S6G), Won Ying Keat (16S67), Liew Zhao Wei (17S6A), Lee Ian Ee (17S6A)

Mr. Ong Ye Kung (Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) & Second Minister for Defence) with the Hwa Chong alumni and their team
(Photo Credit: MINDEF)

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