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Hwa Chong’s School Spirit Blazes at the Track and Field Championships

05 May 2016
General Sports

Yeo Teng Wei 16A15, Wong Yi Jie 16S72

Hwa Chong’s Track and Field team has once again achieved stellar results at the National Inter-School Track and Field Championships. The ‘B’ Division boys reclaimed the Championship title after three years, while the ‘C’ Division boys won the Championship title for the 16th year running. This is the 31st time since 1968 that the team has clinched both the ‘B’ and ‘C’ Championship titles.

In the ‘A’ Division, the team fought valiantly despite fierce competition. The tenacity and resilience of both the boys and girls teams secured them impressive second place positions.

Track and Field might, as old boy and Track and Field alumnus Mr. Tan Lin Keat commented, appear to be a sport that focuses largely on the individual’s efforts to thrive. However, at the National Stadium on 29th April 2016,  that was not the impression one would have formed. Behind each competing Hwa Chong athlete were countless supporters cheering with all their might, spurring their schoolmates on. The cacophony of claps, cheers and stomps resonated throughout the stadium. As Mr. Tan commented, “everyone cares for one another.”

This is the camaraderie that unites the Hwa Chong family, who was out in full force at the National Stadium. This same spirit is also what the Hwa Chong Track and Field team is known for, with alumni like Mr. Tan returning to support their juniors, and also joining them in their post-Championship dinner. Indeed, many of the alumni continue to actively provide support in various capacities.

To the athletes who have poured their blood, sweat and tears into running, jumping and throwing, well done, and keep pushing forward!

Photo Credit
Joshua Ng Kay Wern (15S6A) @ Hwa Chong Sensorium Vale

Moving Panel Photo Credit
Ryan Pan Tang Kai (16S7A), Photographic Society

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