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Hwa Chong’s Mathematicians Delve in the Art of Problem Solving

15 Aug 2018

From 3 to 14 July, two Hwa Chong students represented Singapore in the 59th International Mathematical Olympiad in Romania as part of a six-member national team.

Ng Yu Peng (18S6B) clinched a Gold Medal, ranked no. 19th in the world out of 594 contestants from 107 countries. Commendably, he was among only 23 international contestants that solved an extremely tough geometry problem.  This is also the second year in a row that our school has a Gold medalist.

Shi Cheng (18S6D) clinched a Bronze Medal, ranking 171th in the world. This is the first time he has represented Singapore and he was also the second youngest member of the team.

The team would like to thank Principal Mr Pang and the school management for their continuous support, the teacher mentors for their invaluable guidance and all the subject teachers for their support in the academic study.

(Photograph Credit: Studio Ardent Tan Yi Rong Euclea):
From left to right: Dr Ang Lai Chiang (Senior Consultant / Research & China Projects), Ms Yu Qian (Lecturer/Mathematics), Mr Ng Say Tiong (Principal Consultant/Mathematics), Mr Chan Kwok Leong (Deputy Principal/Studies & Exec Director), Ng Yu Peng(18S6B), Mr Pang Choon How (Principal), Shi Cheng (18S6D), Mr Zong Lixing (Lecturer/Mathematics), Ms Chua Ee Ling (Principal Consultant/Mathematics)

(Photograph Credit: Mr Zong Lixing)
From left to right: Mr Zong Lixing (Lecturer/Mathematics), Shi Cheng (18S6D), Ng Yu Peng (18S6B)

(credit to Mr Zong Lixing)
2nd from left: Shi Cheng (18S6D)
3rd from left: Ng Yu Peng (18S6B)

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