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Hwa Chong’s Green Council Instils Love For Green Community

08 Apr 2019

Photograph Credit: Tan Guo Yang 18S6A

A collaborative effort between the Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore), Chung Chung High School (Main) and the Hwa Chong Green Council, the HC100 Butterfly Garden was unveiled on 2 April as part of a series of ground-up initiatves to celebrate the school’s 100th anniversary.

This garden aims to provide both staff and students the opportunity to raise their own caterpillars, and give those with green fingers the chance to relax and take care of the plants under the weekly supervision of the Green Councillors. Through this, the Hwa Chong Green Council also hopes to educate the student population about the importance of preserving biodiversity while also providing a safe haven for butterflies within the school compound.

Lee Tom of 18S73, Vice President of the HC Green Council explained that: “Having a Butterfly Garden is about appreciating what nature has given us. It is also about us giving back to nature by preserving the population of butterflies and the intricate role they play in our local ecosystem. It is pivotal in setting a strong foundation for our green community and providing more opportunities for future collaborations and educational purposes.”

Future plans for the Garden include the release of butterflies during the Clean and Green Week.

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