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Hwa Chong’s Aspiring Artist Hopes To Create Unique Aesthetic and Cognitive Experiences Through Art

14 Nov 2019

UOB Painting Of The Year 2019

We would like to congratulate Hwa Chong Art Elective Programme (AEP) student, Liao Li Yao (19A10) for clinching the ‘Highly Commended” award at this year’s UOB Painting of the Year (Emerging Category). Her diptych Five Parks on a Passenger, Passing by a Sunny Morning on a Train will be on display at the UOB Art Gallery (80 Raffles Place, UOB Plaza 1, Ground Floor) from 9 Nov 2019 - 16 February 2020.

YI Yao’s winning entry and inspiration for her work can be found here:

Li Yao and Ms Grace Fu (Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Leader of the House)

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