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Hwa Chong’s 57th and 58th President’s Scholars

16 Aug 2018

From left to right: Sharmaine Koh Mingli (16A14), Mr Pang Choon How (Principal/ Hwa Chong Institution), Penny Shi Peng Yi (16A15)

As the President of the 43rd Hwa Chong Students’ Council, Penny Shi Peng Yi (16A15) has been instrumental in the execution of key school events such as Orientation, Mid-Autumn Festival and Open House. In her time as President, the Students’ Council also rolled out various new initiatives to add value to the lives of the student body by implementing the Dress Down Day initiative and launching the new Common Room.

Penny also played a key role in the organisation of Hwa Chong’s flagship leadership event, the 2016 Hwa Chong Asia-Pacific Young Leaders’ Summit, an international leadership summit which brings together top youth leaders from around the world to discuss key political and social issues of the day.

Apart from being an exemplary servant leader, Penny also excels in athletics and sports, having attained 5th place in the National Track and Field 2000m Steeplechase 2017. The sporting and leadership achievements of Penny attest to her diverse qualities as an all-round student and leader.

Penny embodies the school spirit to ceaselessly strive for excellence. Her desire to always give her best in her endeavours stems from wanting to do the school proud. Commenting on her source of motivation during her council journey, Penny attributes it mainly to her desire to “make the school a happier and more welcoming place for those around [her].”

Penny credits Mr Sim Weiheng (Education Consultant/Student Development) and Ms Ouyang Xin, her former Council teacher-in-charge, who have shaped her into a better leader and person. She is also grateful to Mr Koh Siong Fei Isaac (Lecturer/Economics) for going out of his way to care for his students and being always ready to share valuable wisdom about life with his students.

Penny is currently interning at a local secondary school and hopes to volunteer at an orphanage in Mongolia after her internship. She is heading to Stanford University to pursue her passion for Urban Studies on a Public Service Commission (PSC) Scholarship.

If one were to describe Sharmaine Koh Mingli (16A14) in a word, it would be “all-rounder”. She has exemplified this throughout her two years in College, with her diverse spread of commitments in both CCAs and community service. Indeed, Sharmaine’s dedication to her numerous areas of interest saw her being conferred the Edusave Character Award in both 2016 and 2017.

Sharmaine was involved in a multitude of CCAs such as Football, the Apollo Faculty Committee (FC) and the Humanities and Current Affairs Society. As the Vice-Captain in Soccer and the Publicity In-Charge in FC, she was able to impact her schoolmates positively by looking out for her soccer teammates and organising events for the Apollo Faculty. Meanwhile, in her role as part of the Humanities and Current Affairs Society (HACAS), Sharmaine was conferred the ‘Best Delegate’ at the Singapore Model Parliament in 2016.

On top of her school commitments, Sharmaine also participated actively in community service by tutoring at the Homework Café (Willing Hearts), joining the concert committee for Project Edelstein to benefit the Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP), volunteering at Kebun Bahru Meet-the-People Sessions and being part of the Grassroots Attachment Programme. Her wide array of service learning projects highlights her dedication to serving the community and underscores her holistic development.

Sharmaine is thankful for the support of her teachers, whose dedication and effort inspired her to strive on in her journey in College. In particular, she credits Mr Teh Chee Siong (Principal Consultant/Faculty) for her love of history, expressing her appreciation of his commitment to inculcate passion in the subject. She also thanks Mr Nicholas Perry (Senior Consultant/English Literature) and Mr Christopher Burge (Lecturer/Humanities Programme) for their unwavering support over the last two years. Lastly, she would like to extend her gratitude to Mr Khairulzad (Senior Consultant/Faculty) for being a firm yet nurturing teacher who pushed her to never settle for anything but the best.

Sharmaine is headed to Yale to study History and Politics on a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Scholarship.

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