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Hwa Chongians Showcase Practical Ideas For Sustainability Efforts

10 Jul 2019

The Greenwave Environmental Care Competition 2018 (organised by Semcorp Marine) aims to raise awareness and interest among students about the importance of sustainability as the world faces growing environmental threats. It also provides an annual platform for students to showcase their practical ideas for achieving environmental sustainability.

Out of 281 project submissions from about 1000 students last year, HCI  emerged as champions and attained commendable results in the secondary school category.

1st Prize ($6000) and Team Collaboration Award ($500)

Project: Bone Char Composite Beads as a low-cost and Eco-friendly Alternative for Water Purification

Brief synopsis: This group created low-cost and reusable beads from chicken bones and sodium alginate which can purify water by removing fluoride and metal ions from water. The beads are potential alternatives to expensive activated carbon used currently.

Members: Feng Chong Hui (19S7B), Jason Niow (19S7B), Wang Rui Jie (19S7J)

Mentor: Mrs Sow Yoke Keow (Lead Teacher/ Chemistry and Research)

Merit Award ($1000)

Project: To investigate the effect of Acidithiobacillus eutrophus on the removal of atmospheric carbon dioxide

Members: Bryan Yeo Bin Yuan (19S7F), Derek Tang Haowen (19S7A), Damien Chew (19S75)

Mentor: Dr Huang Xiao Qian (Teacher/ Biology)

Commendation Award ($500)

Project: Synthesis of photocatalytic Bismuth Vanadate for Degradation of Organic Dyes

Members: Xiang Yang (19S7J), Roy Chenyu Luo (19S7J), Ong Sheng Hao (19S7D)

Mentor: Mrs Sow Yoke Keow (Lead Teacher/ Chemistry and Research)

1st prize winners
From left to right: Feng Chong Hui (19S7B), Wang Rui Jie (19S7J), Mrs Sow Yoke Keow, Jason Niow (19S7B)

Commendation winners
From left to right: Roy Chenyu Luo (19S7J), Ong Sheng Hao (19S7D), Mrs Sow Yoke Keow, Xiang Yang  (19S7J)

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