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Hwa Chongians Serve with Humility and Compassion

28 Mar 2018

Lee Hui @ Aileen Lee Catallo (18A11)
Tan Yi Shuen Merlene (18A12)

Following a longstanding Hwa Chong tradition of service to the community, students were involved in various community service projects with their respective Faculties as we celebrated our school’s 99th year of establishment.

Ares Faculty was engaged in a recycling drive that saw reusable materials being collected from 36 blocks and 1274 units at Yishun Greenwalk and Yishun Rivergreen. Students also went door-to-door to promote the event to encourage residents to take on an active role in caring for the environment.

Led by volunteers from TOUCH Community Services, Athenians had a foretaste of some of the challenges that the elderly living in one/two room flats in Geylang Bahru face when they helped them clean their flats.

Enthusiastic Apollo Faculty students went down to HDB flats in Bishan to kick-start Project R.I.C.E (Rice in Care for Everyone). Going door-to-door, the students interacted with the residents, requesting for donations of leftover rice for society’s underprivileged. It was truly heartwarming to see so many residents contributing generously to the cause.

Artemis Faculty embarked on several different projects that demonstrated a genuine concern for the elderly in our community. While some students went about profiling elderly households in Eunos Crescent and gave the gates of these homes a fresh coat of paint, others spent the day with senior citizens at the Trick Eye Museum in Sentosa.

Later that evening, Hwa Chong hosted its 99th Founders’ Day Dinner, where Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth was the Guest-of-Honour for the event. The night was packed with dynamic performances that showcased our students’ diverse talents, culminating in the official launch of our 100th Anniversary Logo. As the night drew to a close, distinguished guests raised their glasses to toast the occasion, expressing their hopes for the school and for the future batches of Hwa Chong students.

Founders’ Day 2018 was truly a heartfelt celebration of Hwa Chong’s heritage and future.

Photo 1: Ares Faculty’s Tan Shi Xuan (18S7H) sorting paper at the collection point.
(Photo Credit: Alexis Sudrajat (18S7C) @ Hwa Chong Photographic Society

Photo 2: Athena Faculty at Geyland Bahru
Photo Credit: Chew Jing Xiang (18S63) @ Hwa Chong Photographic Society

Photo 3: Apollo Faculty’s 18S6J after Project R.I.C.E .
Photo Credit: Thivya Koh Wenqi (18S77) @ Hwa Chong Photographic Society

Photo 4: Artemis Faculty students helping to paint the gates
Photo Credit: Amanda Quah (18S69) @ Hwa Chong Publications Society

Photo 5: Founders’ Day Dinner
Photo Credit: Chen Yueting (18A11) @ Hwa Chong Publications Society

Photo 6: Wushu Performers
Photo Credit: Chen Yueting (18A11) @ Hwa Chong Publications Society

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