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Hwa Chongians Emerge Victorious in Battle of Willpower and Innovation

11 Sep 2017



The 13th International Senior High Schools Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest (IICC) was held from 6th to 9th August at National Taiwan University. With no money or material, teams were given 72 hours to finish various kinds of rigorous tasks comprising Natural Science, Social Science and Physical Fitness, in order to earn “virtual money” for the purchase of real materials for constructing the main project. The theme of the competition varies every year; this year, the final designed product had to fulfil an overarching purpose of promoting harmony in society.

Reflecting on their competition process, the team said: “Not all was smooth sailing as the sub-tasks laid out were challenging and required us to harness our intellect, physical strength and creativity to finish the tasks. Our final project was the “Marshmallow” a small personal translator and robot companion which facilitates understanding and promotes interaction with people of diverse backgrounds. This was judged on the criteria of creativity, theme, appearance and function. Our teamwork and perseverance helped us clinch the title of overall champions and the special award for being the best international team that completed the most number of sub-tasks.”

The team comprises:
Xu Ziqi (4S2), Nicholas Ong (17A15), Lu Bingyuan (4S1),  Yang Chun Wei (17S6G), Toh Wei Chuan (17A15) and Julius Chua (17A15)

A representative from National Taiwan University presenting the prize to Hwa Chong students Xu Ziqi (4S2), Nicholas Ong (17A15), Lu Bingyuan (4S1),  Yang Chun Wei (17S6G), Toh Wei Chuan (17A15) and Julius Chua (17A15)

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