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Hwa Chongians Deepen Scientific Knowledge

25 Jul 2018

The East Zone A*STAR Science Fair is organized by the East Zone Science and Technology Centre @ Victoria Junior College and sponsored by the A*STAR Research Institute. The objective of this fair is to give students the experience of conducting an investigative science project and provide students with a platform to exhibit and share their findings with others.

Congratulations to our three teams who have done the school proud by clinching top awards at the Fair.

In the Open Category (open to upper secondary students from all secondary and IP schools in Singapore), the team comprising Xiang Yang (4S3), Roy Chenyu Luo (4S3) and Ong Sheng Hao (4S2) was awarded Gold with their project entitled “Chemically Modified Pomelo Pith for Oil Sorption”. This is also the only Gold award in the Open Category. The team was invited to present their project to all the participants and the Guest-of-Honour Dr Vijay Chandrasekhar during the prize giving ceremony.

Another team comprising Yau Chun En and Yan Ming Jun, both from 4S1 clinched the Silver award in the Open category with their project entitled “Investigating the effect of Lactobacillus bacteria on C.elegans”.

In the Lower Secondary Category (open to lower secondary students from all secondary and IP schools), Lim Dillion, Ho Shanley and Bryan Lee Chong Han, all from 2A3, clinched the Silver Award with their project entitled “Eco-friendly Synthesis of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles for UV Protection”.

Xiang Yang (4S3) remarked:
“The East Zone A*Star Science Fair has exposed me to a variety of projects and given me the opportunity to interact with researchers from research institutions such as IMRE. Through this wonderful learning experience, my group and I have deepened our scientific and research knowledge. We will continue to explore and contribute to the scientific field”.

From left to right: Ong Sheng Hao (4S2), Mrs Sow-Peh Yoke Keow (Lead Teacher/Chemistry and Research), Roy Chenyu Luo (4S3) and Xiang Yang (4S3).

From left to right: Lim Dillion (2A3), Mrs Sow-Peh Yoke Keow (Lead Teacher/Chemistry and Research), Bryan Lee Chong Han (2A3) and Ho Shanley (2A3).

From left to right: Yan Ming Jun (4S1), Dr Vijay Chandrasekhar, and Yau Chun En (4S1).

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