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Hwa Chongians Apply Scientific Knowledge to Solve Real Life Problems

07 Aug 2017

The East Zone A*Star Science Fair, organized by the East Zone Science and Technology Centre at Victoria JC was held on 19 July. The aim of this fair is to give students the experience of conducting an investigative science project and provide students with a platform to exhibit and share their findings with others.

The Fair has 3 categories for participation:

1. East Zone Category-Open to East Zone Sec & East Zone IP schools (Secondary section only)
2. Open Category-Open to all Secondary and Integrated Programme Schools (Up to Year 6) from all zones
3. Lower Secondary Category (LSS) –Open to All Lower Secondary teams from all zones

Hwa Chong sent 3 teams to participate in the Open and LSS category.

In the lower secondary category, the team comprising Ooi Wei Chern, Kwee Tze Wei, Bernard, Ng Tze Yang and Timotheus Teng Da Hui (All from 2I3) clinched the only Gold award given out in this category for their insightful research. Their project entailed the extraction of pectin from Butternut squash peel as a lead (II) ion chelator.

The team shared that:
             “This was truly an experience like no other, being able to compete with groups coming from various schools of such calibre. It was truly an honour to be able to compete and learn from these teams; with novel projects that can greatly benefit our society”

From left to right: Group Mentor Mrs Sow-Peh Yoke Keow (Lead Teacher/Chemistry and Research),
Ooi Wei Chern, Ng Tze Yang, Kwee Tze Wei, Bernard and Timotheus Teng Da Hui (all from 2i3)

In the Open category, despite facing very stiff competition from older year 4 and 6 students from top schools such as NUS High, Raffles Girls’ Secondary, Raffles Institution and National Junior College, the team comprising Decsun Wu Gaoxian (3S1), Guan Yangchen (3S1) and Feng Chong Hui (3S2) were conferred the Silver award for their innovative research. Their project involved investigating the effectiveness of animal bone char and bone meals as adsorbents for water purification.

From left to right: Group Mentor Mrs Sow-Peh Yoke Keow (Lead Teacher/Chemistry and Research),
Guan Yangchen (3S1), Decsun Wu Gaoxian (3S1) and Feng Chong Hui (3S2)

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