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Hwa Chongian Excels in The Gift of the Gab

19 Oct 2017

We would like to congratulate Au Wei Hoe (16A14) who was part of a five member team that clinched the championship during World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) 2017 held in Bali on August 10.

The team won seven of its eight debates in the preliminary rounds defeating Pakistan, India and the United States to qualify for the Grand Final. In the final round, Team Singapore beat defending champion England, opposing the motion, "this House supports restrictions on free speech to combat the rise of right-wing populism."

Fifty teams participated in this year’s competition. This is the third time Team Singapore has won the high school-level competition.

Wei Hoe shared that: “Participating in WSDC has not only allowed me to improve my oratorical and debating skills, but also exposed me to a wide variety of cultural and regional perspectives on different issues. I hope future debaters will continue to do the country proud, and in the process, become more informed members of society.”

Team Singapore with Au Wei Hoe (16A14) (third from left) and Lee Jit Ping (17A15) (Observer role) (extreme right)

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