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Hwa Chong Time Capsules: Bridging History and Future

07 Aug 2015

20 years ago in 1995, a time capsule enshrining the hopes and dreams of Hwa Chong was sealed and buried in the campus. On 6th August 2015, this time capsule was unsealed, and the items displayed at a temporary exhibition to hundreds of returning and current Hwa Chongians. These artifacts not only mark the progress Hwa Chong has made in the past two decades; they also exemplify the steadfast unchanging values that have enabled the school to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Even as Hwa Chong celebrates its past, it also looks ahead to its future and that of Singapore. Thus, on the momentous occasion of the school’s celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, a ceremonial sealing was held for a new time capsule. This time capsule contains 75 artifacts from both High School and College students and staff, the alumni body, and the Parent Support Groups. They represent the multiple facets of Hwa Chong life, and the 2015 batch’s hopes and dreams for Singapore and the school. In the spirit of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, included among the artifacts is a student-assembled SG50 Lego construction.

These items will be uncovered at Hwa Chong’s National Day celebration in 2040. In 25 years’ time, this time capsule will serve as a reminder of how the Hwa Chong spirit has spurred – and will continue to spur – students to live with passion, and lead with compassion.

By: Zhao Jiayi 15A15, Rachel Kok Chian Yee 15S65

From Left to Right: Mr Jonathan Lee, Chairman, Board of Directors; Dr Hon Chiew Weng, Principal; Mr Desmond Ong, Chairman, Board of Governors and Student Helpers at the Hwa Chong Time Capsule Ceremony 2015

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