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Hwa Chong Team’s Shot of Excellence

26 Jul 2016

On 8 July 2016, two teams of National Police Cadet Corp cadets participated in the finals of the .22 Revolver Shooting Competition held at the Home Team Academy. The competition involves participants firing the .22” (caliber) revolver at two types of targets across three stages, with varying distances and timings.

The team comprising Bowen Low (3A1), Tsai Chin Howe (3S2), Jovan Lee Yuheng (4I1), Ivan Chin Yue Ze (4P2) and Chen Ming (4Q2) scored over 30 points ahead of the runners-up to clinch the Team Champions title. The team consisting of Ang Feng, Aaron (3A1), Chen Meng Yee (3P1), Tan Shao Chong (3S2), Ong Zhi Cong (4P2) and Zsigmond Poh Kaiyou (4S2) were 1st runners-up. Tan Shao Chong also attained the Individual 5th title.

We congratulate the two teams as well as their teachers in charge Mr Tan Chee Wee (PC/Student Development), Mrs Yeong-Loke Lai Fun (Senior Teacher/English), Ms G. Kalavathi (Lecturer/English), Mr Tan Hui Kuan (Education Consultant/Lower Secondary Science) and Ms Joyce Tan Yu Hui (Lecturer/Humanities Programme) for their exceptional performance.

Front Row (from left to right): Jovan Lee Yuheng (4I1), Zsigmond Poh Kaiyou (4S2), Chen Meng Yee (3P1)

Back Row (from left to right): Ong Zhi Cong (4P2), Ivan Chin Yue Ze (4P2), Tan Shao Chong (3S2), Ang Feng, Aaron (3A1), Bowen Low (3A1), Tsai Chin Howe (3S2), Chen Ming (4Q2)

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