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Hwa Chong Students Shine on the International Stage

16 Aug 2019

From left to right, the students are; Fu Liqin (19A14), Bryan Tan (19S7J), Yeo Tok Lin (19A14), Erasmus Yeo (4S3), Hoo Hoi Tzer (4S3) and Gabriel Lee (4S3), Mr Luo Qing Shui, Head, Youth Development Division, Ministry of Education, Taiwan.

Between 27th July and 1st Aug, a team from Hwa Chong represented Singapore at the 13th International Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest. The competition was organised by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, and held at the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology.

Pitting 35 teams from 10 different countries in a competition that tested teamwork, creative thinking and problem solving skills, participants were put through a series of interdisciplinary sub-tasks and a main construction task. The sub-tasks cut across domains of Sciences, Humanities, Music and Aesthetics, requiring participants to apply a multidisciplinary lens to various challenges.

This year’s main task revolved around the theme of “Biomimetic Design for Sustainable Living” and required that students work with electronic parts to conceptualise, build and present a semiautomatic structure within 72 hours.

Hwa Chong is proud our team emerged as the Top International Team and Overall Second in the competition. In addition, we were conferred a special Innovation Award for ideas that best fit the task theme.

We would like to congratulate our team members, Yeo Tok Lin (19A14), Fu Liqin (19A14), Bryan Tan (19S7J), Hoo Hoi Tzer (4S3), Gabriel Lee (4S3), Erasmus Yeo (4S3).

The team would like to thank the school for its support, especially to their teachers-in-charge, Ms Denise Chung (Lecturer/Art) and Dr Sandra Tan (Education Consultant/Outreach) for journeying with the team and preparing them for this competition.

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