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Hwa Chong Students Recognised For Holistic Excellence

07 Oct 2020

MOE Special Awards 2020

We would like to congratulate all Hwa Chong Students who have received the Ministry of Education’s Special Awards; which are the pinnacle awards that recognize students’ achievements in both in the academic and non-academic arena.

The Prime Minister’s Book Prize (PMBP) is an annual award for bilingualism given to primary, secondary and pre-University university students.

Recipients of the PMBP (Secondary):
Charlein Ho Jia Ai (20S7B)
Hou Yunsi Michelle (20A14)

Recipients of the PMBP (Pre-University):
Leang Ju Qin, Raena
Lee Pei Xuan
Zhang Zheting
Zhang Zheqing
Zhou Min Yuan (all from 18S75)

Recognising outstanding performance in Mathematics and the Sciences, the Lee Kuan Yew Math and Science Award (LKY-M&S) was first given out in 1992.

Recipients of the LKY-M&S (Secondary):
Kwee Tze Wei, Bernard (20S7D)
Ooi Wei Chern (20S7B)
Tan Jiecong (20S7B) (Also Recipient of the Prime Minister’s Book Prize (Secondary))

Recipients of the LKY-M&S (Pre-University):
Ng Yu Peng (18S6B)

The Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding Bicultural Students (LHL-OBS) was first presented in 2010 to outstanding students in the Bicultural Special Programme (BSP). Today, it is a recognition of students who are conversant in Chinese/Malay and are able to engage our Asian neighbours as well as relate to the West.

Recipient of the LHL-OBS:
Shawn Cheng Wei Xuan (18A14) (Also Recipient of the Prime Minister’s Book Prize (Pre-University))

The Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (LKY-ARE) is a national level award for achievement in education presented to well-rounded students who exemplify the qualities articulated in the desired outcomes of education.

Recipient of the LKY-ARE (Secondary):
Damien Kang Jun Heng (20S62)
Hoo Hoi Tzer (20S6C)
Ng Si Jie, Elizabeth (20A12)
Chen Yiming (20S7F)

The Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding All Round Achievements award (LHL-OAA) recognises the outstanding academic and non-academic achievements of post-secondary students, particularly those who have made outstanding contributions to the community and demonstrated the spirit of innovation and enterprise.

Recipient of the LHL-OAA:
Titus Hutch Jr Yim Yi Zheng (18S76)

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