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Hwa Chong Students Recite With Flourish

05 Jul 2016

On 2 July 2016, two teams of Hwa Chong students participated in the 8th Zhaoyang Cup International Literary Recital Competition (Singapore Round). With their  poignant piece on the refugee crisis, the team comprising Wang Peng Fei (16S6B), Zheng Yupeng (16S6Q) and Peng Genyi (16S73) moved the judges with their skilful and stirring recital; which led them to be crowned national champions. They will be representing Singapore at the International Round on 13 August 2016.

Zheng Yupeng (16S6Q) shared that:
      “While we faced quite a few challenges, such as trying to coordinate three voices so that our 'voice' as a whole would be deep and strong enough, we are glad that our tenacity and teamwork helped us to perform well. We have been inspired by the other participants at the competition too, and will continue to focus on improving ourselves for the international round."

The other team consisting of Lim Jia Ying (16A12) and Zhang Xiting (16S72) attained a Certificate of Distinction for their impressive piece on Yuanming Yuan (China’s Old Summer Palace).

Both teams would like to thank their teacher in charge, Dr Tan Mei Leng (Senior Consultant / Corporate Services) for her support and guidance.

We congratulate both teams and wish Peng Fei, Yupeng and Genyi all the best for the International Round!





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