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Hwa Chong Students Provide Ingenious Solutions to Problems

28 Jun 2017

From Left to Right: Tan Ruizhi (17S7J) Foo Yock Haw (17S60), Kenneth Wu Rong Jie (17S60), Jonas Gng Rui Sheng (17S69), Gifford Lee Bing Han (17S73),  Joel Wong Hong Kiat (17S78), Moo Jun Wei (17S77), Kenneth Tan Zhe Kai (17S71), Ashton Yin Kai Sheng (17S60)

From 7 to 11 June 2017, two Hwa Chong teams participated in the Community Problem Solving Programme (CmPs) category at the Future Problem Solving Progam International Conference (FPSPIC) held at University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, USA). Both teams were awarded top honours in the Education and Health category respectively. The FPSPIC prepares students for their future by teaching them to think systematically about problematic situations, to gather information to understand the situation, and to evaluate multiple solutions in order to best address the situation.

Mentored by Dr Chia Hui Peng (Director/ Studies (High School), the team Painting the Future clinched the first place  in the Education category. The synopsis of their project is as follows:

            Interactive learning resources were created to enhance the engagement of autistic children and to motivate them to learn. The resources help autistic children learn the steps of completing everyday tasks through the use of sequencing cards. They are designed to provide visual feedback to the child when he/she gets the sequence of the steps to complete a task correct. After rounds of testing and improvement, the team customized the resources according to the needs of each autism centre. In the final production phase, 3-D printing was used to make the sequencing board of the resource to give it a more professional touch. Completed resources were presented to the autism centres for their use. The team also conducted activity sessions, using the resources they created, with the children at the centres  as an attempt to reach out to this special community.

From Left to Right: Tan Rui Zhi (17S7J), Foo Yock Haw (17S60), Moo Jun Wei (17S66),  Gifford Lee Bing Han (17S73), Fan Kai Cheng (17S75) (not in photograph)

Moo Jun Wei (17S66) added that:
           “This project has certainly been a meaningful one, both for the community and for ourselves. By serving the autism community, I have learnt to emphathise with the children and explain concepts in a mamner that is clear and comprehensible, hence improving my communication skills.”

Foo Yock Haw (17S60) shared that:
           “In these few months, I had many satisfying moments, from perfecting our learning resource to bringing joy to the autistic children we worked with. I am very glad to have been given the opportunity to attend the international event and share about the progress we have made in helping the community learn. This journey has been extremely fulfilling and I believe that I have tasted the true joy of Service Learning through this journey.”

Adding on, Tan Rui Zhi (17S7J) shared that:
           “Participating in the Future Problem Solving Program international conference has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of what service learning means. I was exposed to numerous service learning projects from around the world and this has enabled me to learn about the various problems faced by different communities.”

Gifford Lee Bing Han (17S73) remarked that: 
           “Our group went to the international conference with the aim to gain experience and we were not really expecting to win, so we were really surprised when we clinched the top place in our category. I am really glad that our hard work paid off and our efforts were recognized.”

Mentored by Mr Tan Chin Leong Vincent (Teacher Counsellor/ Lecturer (Chemistry), the team Project Edelstein clinched the other top placing in the Health category. Here is the project synopsis:

            Project Edelstein is a community project that works with the Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP).  Every day, 6 Singaporeans are diagnosed with blood diseases, such as leukemia and aplastic anemia. At any one point in time, at least 50 patients in Singapore are waiting for a life-saving bone marrow transplant. Without this transplant, the only option that many of these patients are left with is death. Widespread misconceptions exist regarding bone marrow donation. Through raising awareness, increasing funds and recruiting donors, the project aims to alleviate the bone marrow crisis in Singapore and support bone marrow patients in need. Given our relative advantage as youths who can connect with other youths, we sought mainly to correct misconceptions regarding bone marrow donation, and recruit donors, amongst peers in our age group,  The 3 objectives of raising funds, raising awareness and recruiting donors have largely been achieved, with more than $61000 raised, 50 000 members of the public reached and 362 donors recruited. Beyond these numbers, we have hopefully tackled the underlying problem and achieved an in-depth impact on the 1000-over volunteers across all our initiatives, the 500-over audience of our concert, the participants of Camp Lumineux, and the audiences of our talks and presentations. More importantly, we have sowed the seeds for sustainable development of this project, by involving students from a diverse range of schools in the problem-solving process and empowering them to make a difference.

From Left to Right: Joel Wong Hong Kiat (17S78),  Ashton Yin Kai Sheng (17S60),  Kenneth Tan Zhe Kai ( 17S61), Kenneth Wu Rong Jie (17S60), Jonas Gng Rui Sheng (17S69) (C1 Group Leader), Lui Kai Siang (16S66) (C2 Group Leader) (not in photograph), Koh Heer Ee (16S7B) (not in photograph), Tai Jing Heng Kelvin (17S7F) (not in photograph), Lum Jing Wei Nicholas (17S7F) (not in photograph)

We would like to congratulate both teams and their teacher mentors: Dr Chia Hui Peng (Director/ Studies (High School) and Mr Tan Chin Leong Vincent (Teacher Counsellor/ Lecturer/Chemistry).

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