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Hwa Chong Students Plan Design for Public Spaces

26 Jul 2016

Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) I3 Challenge 2016 is a multi-disciplinary team-based ideas competition held from 7 to 9 June 2016. The theme of this year’s competition was PLACEMAKING, which encompasses the planning and designing of public spaces to promote the quality of life and experience of the users within an estate.

The team comprising Koh Hui YI (15S7D), Elliott Chow Yuk Yean (15S7D), Chang Wei Jie, Jerroy (15S7D), Sean Lee Kian How (15S65) and Tan Jia Yi (15S7J) emerged as champions in the competition. Their presentation entailed utilizing a physical model that proposed solutions for making the One-North estate (managed by JTC) a great place to Work, Live, Play and Learn.

Input for constructing the model came in part from meeting experts from JTC’s Placemaking division, who shared with them current initiatives to enhance workers’ quality of life at One-North; as well as those from A*Star, who shared with them on concepts such as Place Enhancement and Place Activation. This project not only allowed the team to work alongside industry experts but also to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to improving Singapore’s lived environment.

We congratulate the team as well as their teacher mentor Mr Lee Gah Hung (Lecturer/ Chemistry) on their win.

Left to Right: Koh Hui YI (15S7D), Tan Jia Yi (15S7J), Chang Wei Jie, Jerroy (15S7D), Sean Lee Kian How (15S65) and Elliott Chow Yuk Yean (15S7D)

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