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Hwa Chong Students Nurture Interest in Pharmaceutical Field

30 Mar 2016

Organized by the School of Chemical and Life Sciences at Nanyang Polytechnic, the Inter-Secondary School Pharmaceutical Science Challenge on 10 March 2016 required participants’ to master in-depth knowledge of topics such as basic pharmaceutics and community pharmacy.

Ooi Ren An (4S2) shared that:

              “Preparation for the competition was never easy, as we have to plough through various texts covering topics ranging from prescriptions, anatomies, and medications, and make sense of them. As we venture into unfamiliar topics, words seem Greek to us, sometimes we had to memorise facts by brute force. However, we persevered on, studied tirelessly and tried our best.”

Participants first sit for the preliminary written test followed by a laboratory round. The top three teams from the preliminary rounds are then selected to enter the Grand Finals.

Mentored by Dr Yip Cheng Wai (Senior Consultant/ Biology and Research) the team from HCI comprising Isaac Tan Zhe Xian (4S3), Timothy Tan Zhen Xin (4S3) and Ooi Ren An (4S2) emerged  champions.

We would like to congratulate them on their win and wish them success as they further their passion for science research in their educational journey.

From Left to Right: Timothy Tan Zhen Xin (4S3), Ooi Ren An (4S2), Isaac Tan Zhe Xian (4S3)

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