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Hwa Chong Students Maintain Outstanding Performance at the 2016 National Olympiad in Informatics

17 May 2016

A group comprising 10 students represented Hwa Chong at the 19th National Olympiad in Informatics. All of them attained commendable results.

The Gold medalists comprise Ho Xu Yang, Damian (4I1), Li Yuhao (4S1)

The Silver medalists comprise Benson Lin Zhan Li (2I3), who is the youngest medalist award, Lim An Jun (3S1),  Tan Wei Seng (4I1), Bu Fan (16S60), Cai Kai’an (16S61), Wu Yikai (15S7B)

The Bronze medalists are Sun Yudong (15S6G) and Ragul Balaji (15S7D)

Furthermore, the excellent showing by our Year 2- 4 Olympiad participants garnered them the runner-up position for secondary schools.

Additionally, based on their performance in the Olympiad, 5 students were selected to participate in the Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad, which was held on the 7th of May.

Front Row (From Left to Right): Mr Koh Kim Tian (Lecturer/ Infocomm Studies), Ms Goh Keng Wah (Senior Consultant/Computing), Lim An Jun (3S1), Benson Lin Zhan Li (2I3), Tan Wei Seng (4I1) and Ho Xu Yang, Damian (4I1)
Back Row (From Left to Right): Li Yuhao (4S1), Wu Yikai (15S7B), Bu Fan (16S60), Sun Yudong (15S6G), Cai Kai’an (16S61) and Ragul Balaji (15S7D)

The team expresses their gratitude to Dr Steven Halim (School of Computing, National University of Singapore) for organizing training for them.

Congratulations to the teacher mentors of our aspiring students: Mr Koh Kim Tian (Lecturer/ Infocomm Studies) and Ms Goh Keng Wah (Senior Consultant/Computing).

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