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Hwa Chong Students Maintain Outstanding Performance at the 2015 Science Olympiads

08 Apr 2016

HCI students have emerged as one of the select few who have topped the 2015 Singapore Biology Olympiad with 3 Golds, 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze award.

The Gold medallists comprise Mok Kai Lin, Jacy (15S7B), Tan Rui, Lois (15S7B) and Shi Yao Eric (15S7B); the Silver medallists Wu Yanlong (15S7B) and Branden Low Yong Kang (15S7G) and the Bronze medallist Natanael Wijaya (15S7B).

Front Row (from left to right) Shi Yao Eric (15S7B), Mok Kai Lin Jacy (15S7B), Tan Rui Lois (15S7B), Mrs Chin-Leow Bee Kuan (Deputy Principal/Studies), Dr Hon Chiew Weng (Principal), Natanael Wijaya (15S7B) Branden Low Yong Kang (15S7G) Wu Yanlong (15S7B)

Back Row (from left to right):  Ms Ong Lay Hua (Senior Consultant/ Biology), Mrs Tay-Choo Lay Kheng Cindy (Lecturer/ Biology), Mrs Foo-Lam Woon Keat (Director/ Studies)

Our Physics students have similarly shone at the 2015 Singapore Physics Olympiad with 1 Gold, 2 Silvers and 4 Honourable Mentions.

The Gold medalist is Wu Yikai (15S7B), the Silver medallists Fan Yang (15S7F) and Zhao Pengfei (15S7B) and the Honourable Mentions Ho Jie Feng (15S7D), Hu Xinchun (15S7D), Lor Jun Heng (15S7B) and Qian Jing (15S7B).

Front Row (from left to right):  Qian Jing (15S7B), Zhao Pengfei (15S7B), Mrs Chin-Leow Bee Kuan (Deputy Principal/Studies), Dr Hon Chiew Weng (Principal), Wu Yikai (15S7B)

Back Row (from left to right):  Mr Kwek Wei Hong, Fan Yang (15S7F), Ho Jiefeng (15S7D), Hu Xinchun (15S7D), Mr Tang Koon Loon

As for the 2015 Singapore Chemistry Olympiad, our Chemistry students attained 1 Gold, 10 Silvers and 7 Bronze awards.

The Gold medalist is Zhu Jiawei (15S7B), the Silver medallists are Zhang Lijun (15S66), Ang Jun Yang (15S70), Lor Jun Heng (15S7B), Qian Jing (15S7B), and Wu Yikai  (15S7B), Han Ruobing (15S7F), Hu Jiaming (15S7F), Koh Huai Ze (15S7J), Mun Qin Yi, Glen (15S7J) and Xiao Songyuan (15S7J). The Bronze medallists are Tan Wei Han Gabriel (15S68), Wong Shi Le (15S7B), Chang Wei Jie Jerroy (15S7D), Hu Xinchun (15S7D), Yap Hui Hian, Jane (15S7F) , Toh Wei Xiong (15S7J) and Lim Yi Xuan (15S7J). The merit award also goes to Bryan Ang Wei Jun (15S7H).

Front Row (From Left to Right): Lim Yi Xuan (15S7J), Koh Hui Ze (15S7J), Qian Jing (15S7B), Han Ruobing (15S7F), Mrs Chin-Leow Bee Kuan (Deputy Principal/Studies),Dr Hon Chiew Weng (Principal), Zhu Jiawei (15S7B), Wu Yikai (15S7B), Ang Jun Yang (15S70), Toh Wei Xiong, (15S7J)

Back Row (From Left to Right): Mr Lee Gah Hung (Lecturer/ Chemistry), Bryan Ang Wei Jun (15S7H), Mun Qin Yi, Glen (15S7J), Xiao Songyuan (15S7J), Hu Jiaming (15S7F), Chang Wei Jie, Jerroy (15S7D), Tan Wei Han Gabriel (15S68), Wong Shi Le (15S7B), Zhang Lijun (15S66), Hu Xinchun (15S7D), Lor Jun Heng (15S7B), Yap Hui Hian Jane (15S7F), Mr Lee Song Kee, Sam(Senior Teacher/ Chemistry)

Not only have these students outperformed those from the previous year, they have done much better than the previous year in the number of gold medals attained.

We would like to congratulate these students and wish all Gold and Silver medallists the best of luck in their interviews to potentially represent Singapore at the International Olympiads!

Congratulations also to the teacher mentors of our aspiring scientists: Mrs Foo-Lam Woon Keat (Director/ Studies (College)), Mrs Tay-Choo Lay Kheng Cindy (Lecturer/ Biology), as well as Mr Kwek Wei Hong (Lecturer/ Physics), Mr Lee Lih Juinn (Lecturer/ Physics), Dr Erkan Polatdemir (Lecturer/ Physics), Dr Dave Lommen (Lecturer/ Physics) and Mr Lee Gah Hung (Lecturer/ Chemistry) and Mr Lee Song Kee Sam (Senior Teacher/ Chemistry)

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