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Hwa Chong Students Improve on Performance in 20th National Olympiad in Informatics

27 Apr 2017

National Olympiad in Informatics

For the 20th National Olympiad in Informatics, the Hwa Chong team garnered 5 Golds, 3 Silvers and 1 Bronze medal. This is Hwa Chong’s best performance ever as the teams obtained the top secondary school award, as well as runner-up junior college award.

In addition, Kwee Tze Wei , Bernard (2i3) was awarded an honourable mention.

Teow Hua Jun (4S1) and Ng Yun Peng (4S1) both obtained the top secondary school contestants’ award.

Gold medalists:
Lim An Jun (4S1), Ng Yun Peng (4S1),  Teow Hua Jun (4S1), Ho Xu Yang, Damian (17S6A), Li Yuhao (17S6F)

Silver medalists
Benson Lin Zhan Li (3S1), Gui Ming Jiang (17S60) and Silas Yeo Shuen Yu (17S7B)

Bronze medallist:
Tan Wei Seng (17S6F)

The team expresses their gratitude to their teacher mentors and  seniors for their support and guidance. Congratulations to the teacher mentors of our aspiring students: Mr Koh Kim Tian (Lecturer/Infocomm Studies) and Ms Goh Keng Wah (Senior Consultant/Computing).

Front Row (from left to right): Ho Xu Yang, Damian (17S6A), Lim An Jun (4S1), Teow Hua Jun (4S1), Benson Lin Zhan Li (3S1), Silas Yeo Shuen Yu (17S7B)

Back Row (from left to right): Ms Goh Keng Wah (Senior Consultant/Computing, Li Yuhao (17S6F), Ng Yu Peng (4S1), Gui Ming Jiang (17S60), Tan Wei Seng (17S6F), Kwee Tze  Wei, Bernard (2I3)

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