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Hwa Chong Students’ Impressive Feat

11 Sep 2019

Informatics and Mathematics Olympiads

From 11 to 22 July, Ng Yu Peng (18S6B) represented Singapore in the 60th International Mathematical Olympiad in Bath, United Kingdom.

Yu Peng clinched a Gold Medal, ranking 18th position in the world comprising 621 participants across 112 countries and regions. For two years in a row, he has been the top scorer among the six Singapore delegates. Team Singapore clinched 2 Gold and 4 Silver medals, ranking 8th in the world.

Having garnered two gold medals and one bronze medal in three participations, Yu Peng has now taken the 3rd spot in the Singapore Hall of Fame for all Singaporean contestants since our country’s first participation in 1988.

The team would like to thank Principal Mr Pang and the school management for their continuous support, the teacher mentors for their invaluable guidance and all the subject teachers for their support in the academic study.

Singapore also sent a team of 4 students to Baku, Azerbaijan to take part in the 31st International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) from 4 to 11 August. Benson Lin Zhan Li (19S7D), 1 of the 4 selected students to represent Singapore at the IOI, was awarded a Bronze medal and ranked 122 out of 350 student participants from 87 countries. The IOI is widely seen as one of the most prestigious computer science competitions for high school students in the world.

Photograph Credit: Studio Ardent

From left to right: Mrs Chin-Leow Bee Kuan (Deputy Principal/Studies and Executive Director (High School), Dr Ang Lai Chiang (Senior Consultant/Research and China Projects), Mr Chen Zeng Hui (Education Consultant/Mathematics), Mr Zong Lixing (Lecturer/Mathematics), Ng Yu Peng (18S6B), Benson Lin Zhan Li (19S7D), Mr Pang Choon How (Principal), Ms Goh Keng Wah (Lecturer/Computing), Ms Goh Keng Wah (Lecturer/ Computing), Ms Chua Ee Ling (Principal Consultant/Mathematics), Ms Yu Qian (Lecturer/Mathematics), Mr Chan Kwok Leong (Deputy Principal/Studies and Executive Director (College)

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