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Hwa Chong Students Exhibit Adaptability in Handling Real World Challenges

07 Aug 2017

6 of our Scouts received the Chief Commissioner’s Award at a ceremony held in Victoria School on 29 July 2017.

To attain such an award, a scout must hold an appointment in the scout group, pass the Exploration test, be adept at First Aid, perform a service and have proficient skills to instruct other scouts. In addition, he must be physically fit and hold at least one national proficiency badge. The last challenge comprises acing an interview conducted by the Scout Commissioner together with various National Commissioners.

To date, the Hwa Chong Scout Group has 134 Chief Commissioner’s Scouts.

From left to right : Adult Leader (alumnus) Dr Gregory Cai, Tam Yik Lock (4S1), Low Kai Jie, Marcus (4A1), Foo Juinn Ryong (4i1), Soon Kai Hong (4S1), Cheong Zi Yu (4S3), Pierce Toh Yixian (4O1)

We congratulate the students as well as their teachers-in-charge Mr Tan Chee Wee (Principal Consultant/Student Development), Mr Kong Chiak Wu (Lecturer/Lower Secondary Science, Chemistry) and Mr Lim Beng Huat (Lecturer/Mathematics).

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