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Hwa Chong Students Emerge Champions at the FPSP International Conference, Iowa 2015

19 Jun 2015

A team of Hwa Chong students, Project Integrate, has been crowned the champions of the Senior Division at the Future Problem Solving Programme International Conference (FPSPI) 2015 in the Community Problem Solving category. Their project aimed to better integrate migrant workers into Singapore society through creating a healthy culture of recreation for these workers. Interactive library trips, sports sessions, regular outings and events were organised for them on their break days, and a book drive was also done. Posters, promotional videos, social media and concerts were also effectively used to raise awareness.

Bettering the performance of past Hwa Chong championship teams at the FPSPI such as Project Gray in 2014, Project Integrate not only took home the championship but was also awarded the prestigious E Paul Torrance Beyonder Award. The Beyonder Award is conferred upon projects that “outdistance the others so far that they are not even on the same scale”, and to teams who have “demonstrated exceptional depth, passion, and commitment in the project that goes above and beyond what would normally be expected of student(s) in the grade level division.”

The team, comprising Tan Zhi En, Edward (15S65), See Yongsong (15S6H), Neo Meng Hiok Ethan (15A15), Neo Meng Hiang Brandon (15A15), Jonas Ng Zuo En (15S7C), Heng Wei Shin (15S6C), Chong Jun Hoe (15A12), and Say Yueyang, Symus (15S74), have certainly done us proud in recognizing the important role that migrant workers play in Singapore.

A second Hwa Chong team, Project Keep In Reach, also performed very well in Iowa, coming in 3rd in the same competition. The team members were Sim Yang Zhi (15S66), Wu JiaQi (15S76), and Wang Zheng Zhi (15S6E), and their project focused on helping their beneficiaries from TOUCH Centre for Independent Living (TCIL) and Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) to better integrate in Singapore society through a multi-pronged approach.

We would like to congratulate both teams and their mentors, Project Intergrate’s Mr Siew Wenjie Daniel (Assistant Director/Aphelion Consortium), and Project Keep In Reach’s Mr Tan Chin Leong Vincent (Senior Consultant/Community Projects), for their excellent performance.

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